Drew Parker and Natalie Boyajian New MMOs

About Us

MMOScoop.com (used to be NewMMOs.com) started as a passion project to bring online gamers together. At our core, we want to provide great overviews for popular new massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and updates for MMOs that have had recent changes or big announcements.

This website is a place for gamers to find information about new MMOs, recently updated MMOs or upcoming MMOs. We want to build a community of MMO fans like ourselves who become enthralled with games that change the industry.

How It Started

Our love for games started with the old school Nintendo and our gaming obsession never stopped growing. Although, as time went on we found that the games we were playing were driven by massive online communities. We love the idea of an economy forming within a virtual world that we helped develop. That’s why our focus shifted to playing Massively Multiplayer Online games.

During the year 2018, we noticed we were doing more and more research about which MMOs we should start playing. As you know, these type of games requires you to invest a decent amount of time and it’s heartbreaking when you choose poorly. That being said, we decided to start documenting the MMO games we found that were coming out soon, already popular or had recent patches that were game-changing.

Since we already loved researching and talking about new MMOs, why not share our findings and news with the community?

So fast-forward to today, we now run this website (mmoscoop.com) to bring the online gaming community the best new MMOs, recently updated MMOs, and upcoming MMOs.

Meet the Team

Drew (Writer/Admin)

Drew is a coder by day and a gamer by night, also he has the Warrior Gene so be careful.

Natalie (Writer/Admin)

Natalie is a graphic designer with a love for beautiful MMOs and Kale (Eww).

Get Involved

The best way to get involved is by leaving us a comment on a post or by emailing us at drew@mmoscoop.com. Also, you can get involved by reaching out to us on social media.

Any shares, reshares, likes, follows or mentions will help us grow newmmos.com so we greatly appreciate your help!

Soon we will be launching a Discord for the community to chat about all things MMO. Let us know if you want an early invite and we will get you access.

Contact Us

We found that people actually hate filling out a contact form, so instead, here’s my personal email address which you can use to contact me with any questions, feedback, business inquiries or concerns.


Advertise With Us

We are always open to hearing about any potential partnerships or if you’d like to advertise on MMOScoop.com, but we will not consider anything that is not relevant to our audience. If you are interested in what options are available for advertisers, please shoot us an email.