Adopt Dottie in World of Warcraft and Support Make a Wish Charity

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Blizzard has announced its newest World of Warcraft pet, Dottie. Dottie, the fluffy, adorably lovable lama is bringing us and all the children joy this holiday season. Now through December 31st, when purchasing Dottie the Pet ($10), Blizzard will be donating 100% of it’s purchases to charity. AKA your $10 will go straight to the Make a Wish Foundation. When purchasing the Dottie Plushie toy ($29.99) Blizzard will donate $10 to the Make a Wish Foundation. So, no matter which Dottie you choose, your $10 donation will be helping make a child’s wishes come true.

Dottie the Pushie

To purchase the Dottie Plushie, please visit the Blizzard Gear Store.

WoW Dottie Plushie make a wish charity

Dottie the Pet

If you would like to purchase the in-game Dottie Pet visit the Blizzard Shop Store.

Dottie in game pet World of Warcraft

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