Albion Online Avalonian Invasion New Season Begins!

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Albion Online has just released its new event, Avalonian Invasion. This event spawns Avalonian world bosses and mobs that reward players with a special new crafting item, unstable energy. This golden energy can be used at an Energy Manipulator in any Royal City to craft new items. The energy is used for food enhancement, tool enhancements and is the core ingredient in crafting a brand-new mount, the Avalonian Basilisk. This new mount offers a new utility skill, an “electric discharge spell” that will affect enemy attacks and movement speed.

Save the Dates

In addition to the new mobs appearing in the Outlands, November 16th brings a new season of guild territory control. Killing Avalonian Mages will reward guilds with season points starting November 16th. This season promises to unlock unique seasonal rewards as you climb the ranks, leading your guild to victory.

Here is a list of important dates to remember:

  • November 13th – Avalonian Mobs start to appear in the Outlands
  • November 16th – Standalone Guild Season Starts. The Avalonian Mage World Bosses appear + territories become claimable
  • December 7th – Territories reset
  • December 21st – Territories reset
  • January 4th – Territories reset + score points are doubled
  • January 11th – Territories reset + Guild vs Guilds end
  • January 13th – Territories reset
  • January 15th – Territories reset
  • January 16th – Territories reset
  • January 17th – Territories reset
  • January 19th – Event for the end of the season
  • January 20th – the season ends

 Season Rewards 

The guilds that place first, second and third overall will be rewarded with a memorial statue in Caerleon. First place overall guild winner will receive a unique crystal ornament added to their guild logo. The rest of the rewards are given out by a tiered ranking system.

  • Iron Rank: Pile of Tomes
  • Bronze Rank: Outlands Map Carpet + all previous rewards
  • Silver Rank: Small Caerleon Realmgate Furniture Object + all previous rewards
  • Gold Rank: Avalonian Avatar Ring + all previous rewards
  • Crystal Rank: Avalonian Avatar + all previous rewards

For more information on this new season visit the official Albion Online Website.

The lists on this page noting the important season dates, as well as reward tier rankings were taken directly off of the Albion Online Official Avalonian Invasion Page.

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