ArcheAge: Unchained Release Date + Pre-Order [New Details]

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Although most of us expected that this “new-ish” game would take a whole lot longer to develop and release. Turns out Gamigo, XLGames, and Trion had been working on this revamped ArcheAge: Unchained version for a while – because it will be out soon!

Release Date

I’m super excited to inform you that on September 30th, 2019 you will get full access to the new ArcheAge Unchained MMORPG if you pre-order now or purchase upon release. That’s right guys, literally, in one-month we can start discovering our legendary selves.

ArchePass Details

During Gamigo’s Twitch Livestream, on August 30th, the team mentioned more details about what the ArchePass. It’s basically a season pass and if you pre-order the $79.99 USD top-tier “Archeum” package, the season pass will be included. Players without the pass will still get basic rewards, just not the premium benefits season pass holders will receive.

This is an example of what the ArchePass will look like in-game (not final version)

The ArchePass will look very similar to the Daily Activity Tracker and you will unlock daily quests. The $10 premium pass will have 45 levels with basic and premium tiers. Initially, you will actually be able to get the premium pass for in-game currency as well.

What’s an ArchePass?

The ArchePass is a glorified season pass for ArcheAge Unchained. Every day you are given new daily quests when you login and completing these quests will level up your ArchePass. Every time you level up you will earn new basic and premium rewards.

Every month new rewards will be added to the ArchePass and all the tiers you didn’t complete will be carried over to the next month, in addition to the new tiers. Players will only have 90 days to unlock season pass rewards, otherwise, you’ll miss out.

The standard ArchePasses will be available to all players. All basic season pass rewards that will be available to all players will affect gameplay and any premium rewards will not affect gameplay and simply be exclusive cosmetics.

What’s included in the ArchePass?

The team mentioned that they will be bringing back the full catalog of existing ArcheAge items. There will be no pay-to-win benefits from the pass, it will be purely cosmetic.

Here’s what you get with the Archeage Unchained ArchePass.

  • Gameplay Items (Basic Pass)
  • Exclusive Cosmetics (Premium Pass) All of the things that would affect your physical appearance.
  • Diligence Coins (Basic Pass) These coins can be used to purchase a wide range of items from battle pets to gliders.

Pre-Order Cost & More Details

Not gonna lie, I had to get the top-tier pre-order package myself. I mean come on, it was $79 US and it comes with a ton of cool stuff. Let’s take a look at all three pre-order packages.

Silver Package ($25.99 USD)


  • Game Access at Release
  • Early Character Creation and Name Reservation
  • Expansion Scroll
  • Founder Title: Chainbreaker
  • Silver Chainbreaker Badge
  • 800 Credits

Gold Package ($49.99 USD)


Nightraven Robes
  • Game Access at Release
  • Early Character Creation and Name Reservation
  • 2 Expansion Scrolls
  • Founder Title: Chainbreaker
  • Gold Chainbreaker Badge
  • 2000 Credits
  • Dance: Yatarena
  • Nightraven Robes

Archeum Package ($79.99 USD)


  • Game Access at Release
  • Early Character Creation and Name Reservation
  • 2 Expansion Scrolls
  • Founder Title: Chainbreaker
  • Archeum Chainbreaker Badge
  • 5000 Credits
  • Dance: Yatarena
  • Dance: Robot
  • ArchePass Upgrade Token
  • Nightraven Robes
  • Arasha Nomad Costume
  • Exclusive Chainbreaker Costume: Geared Gaslamp Garb
  • Glider Customization: Golden Wyrmwings

So, with my Archeum purchase I’m getting full game access upon release, early character creation, and name reservation, exclusive Geared Gaslamb Garb Outfit, the Chainbreaker title, Archeum Chainbreaker Badge, Nightraven Robe, Arasha Nomad Costume, two dance emotes and a Golden Wyrmwings + 5000 Credits that can be used to upgrade the seasonal ArchePasses for additional Daily Contracts and to purchase a wide range of vanity items from the marketplace.

Game Access at Release 
Starting with the official release your account will be eligible to access the new world of ArcheAge: Unchained. 

2 Expansion Scrolls 
Expand your inventory! 

Early Character Creation and Name Reservation 
Early Character Creation will be available several days before the release date! Make sure to be prepared once the world of ArcheAge: Unchained goes live! 

Founder Title: Chainbreaker 
Become a Chainbreaker and show everyone that you were one of the first players with the exclusive title called Chainbreaker! 

Archeum Chainbreaker Badge 
Display that you are a Chainbreaker with an exclusive badge for your title. 

5000 Credits 
Purchase incredible vanity items – including costumes & more – from the ArcheAge: Unchained in-game marketplace or upgrade the seasonal ArchePass. Credits purchased in ArcheAge: Unchained can only be used on the respective servers of ArcheAge: Unchained. 

Nightraven Robes 
Dress up in style with this elegant costume! 

Arasha Nomad Costume 
With this look you can groove in for life. 

Dance: Yatarena 
Shake your booty with this joyful dance! 

Dance: Robot 
Move like a robot! Such a classic dance! 

Exclusive Chainbreaker Costume: Geared Gaslamp Garb 
Special Archeum Chainbreaker Costume! Only available with this pack! Don’t miss the chance to receive this exclusive Chainbreaker Costume! 

Glider Customization: Golden Wyrmwings 
Spread your wings with this amazing golden glider image! 

Premium ArchePass Upgrade Token 
With this token, you can upgrade a free seasonal ArchePass.

Please note: There is a limit of 3 accounts per player in ArcheAge: Unchained. 

What’s different about ArcheAge Unchained?

ArcheAge: Unchained gives every player an equal starting point (for the most part) and gives no pay-to-win benefits to players with a bigger wallet.

New graphical improvements have been made and a whole slew of content updates will be available at launch. Unlike the Classic ArcheAge, your power and progression are only limited by your own ambitions, not a paywall.

Just like Classic ArcheAge, there will be a heavy focus on the following.

  • Open-World (multi-continent map)
  • PvP / PvE
  • Guilds & Community
  • Mounts & Gliders
  • Crafting, Farming, Fishing & More
  • Own World-Based Plots of Land
  • Customizable Housing
  • Trading (global trading)
  • Vehicles (cars, caravans, etc)
  • Sailing (own ships)
  • Questing & Dungeons
  • Player-Driven Economy

Let me know in the comments if you’ll be joining me in playing the new ArcheAge Unchained MMORPG. Are you skeptical or do you think this time they will get it right?

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ArcheAge: Unchained Release Date + Pre-Order [New Details]

We were excited to hear that Gamigo and XLGames were working on a new ArcheAge game that was not "pay-to-win" and instead you will get the full experience for a one-time purchase.