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Archeage Unchained: The Compensation Pack Crisis

UPDATE: We have the full details about when we will get the ArchePass Compensation Pack and what will be included.

Archeage Unchained has had a rocky start, to say the least. We have had launch date pushback, trouble with logging in day one, Archepass suspension and now the Compensation Packs have been disabled.  

For those who are not familiar, let’s break it down a bit. When Archeage Unchained first launched it promised a major feature addition, the Archepass. This Archepass replaced daily quests with a seasonal track that rewarded utility items, cosmetics and diligence coins for completing daily activities in four categories.

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The appeal of this pass is that it requires in-game currencies to participate. Premium, aka paid tiers of the pass only rewarded cosmetics, giving all players an equal opportunity. I won’t go too far into the previous pass because it has since been disabled due to player exploiting as well as some major bugs within the current system.

In order to rectify the problems with the pass, the Trion/Gamingo team decided to disable the Archepass for a couple of weeks to sort out the bugs and restructure the Archepass to a more balanced reward system that can’t be taken advantage of.

As an apology to the community, AAU promised players a one-time redeemable Compensation Pack. This pack included 45 diligence coins and 7 bound labor rechargers. Compensation Packs were released on October 28th and quickly disabled on November 1st.

Unfortunately, this reward was short-lived and is currently still unavailable because it too had issues. For some players, it never appeared in their dashboard to claim, while others received multiple packs. Redeeming inconsistencies forced AAU to take it down. 

There is a rumor that one player received it 10 times (= 70 labor recharges and 450 diligence coins), but it has been deemed a photoshop job to get the crowd stirring. No solid information has been confirmed on its return, only that they are working out the kinks. So, for those who were late to the announcement and missed out on the opportunity, keep your fingers crossed, it should be back soon.


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