ArchePass Update, Libarary Disabled and More

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ArchePass coming to PTS next week

Gamigo has confirmed that it has updated the ArchePass and is testing it now in-house.

Why has the ArchePass been gone for so long? Well, Gamigo blamed it on the timezones between Gamigo and XL Games.

What will change about the ArchePass?

Gamigo wants to “turn the haters into fans” and here’s their plan. Focus on open-ended objectives like “earn x amount of honor” or “kill x number of players/monsters” or “earn x amount of XP”. So basically rewarding you for playing how you want and participating in the world, not having to go to specific zones and forced to jump around.

What about those who pre-ordered and got the premium ArchePass?

Those who preordered and got the premium Archepass, the premium tickets are going to be extended. There is no exact date (go figure) but we will have more information on how long the extension will be at a later date.

Library aka LAGbrary

We have all seen the #fixlibrary in the chat, it has to be fixed! As soon as the Library opens, the server has a huge lag spike and the chat explodes with anger.

Gamigo and XL Games are disabling the Library to help players avoid the insane lag spikes. There is no word on when it will be coming back.

Grace Period

Implemented grace period with last patches maintenance, if you’re disconnected you will get placed back in the queue at your same place.

Larders still disappear

Larders will continue to disappear when the game goes down for maintenance and patching.

PRO TIP: Rotating your larders slightly will protect them disappearing and Gamigo has confirmed this temporary bandaid for the time until they figure out what is causing this issue. Also, try to avoid placing Larders before maintenance.

Customer service is declining in-game currency refund requests – so don’t bother.

Compensation Pack Update

The revised Compensation Pack released November 14th allowed each character over level 40 to collect two Compensation Packs from the Credit Marketplace. This gift is extending throughout the duration of the disabled Archepass. Redeemable Compensation Packs will be available for 1 claim per week until the Archepass is up and running again. The system resets weekly so for those who missed out on the first patch of 2 claims per account should submit a ticket ASAP. Gamigo and XL are currently addressing this issue.

Community Requests

  • Black Friday sale for credits
  • More costumes on the marketplace
  • Holiday event(s)
  • Fix the Jail 

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