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Ashes of Creation Siege, Art and Updates

Live Stream Recap

Intrepid Studios has been hard at work over the past couple of years perfecting a new addition to the MMO scene, Ashes of Creation. It promises to unveil a brand-new take on the MMO genre introducing a node system that is driven by player decisions.

Watch Development Update – 11AM PST Friday, November 22, 2019 from ashesofcreation on

As a way to perfect AoC they previously released a Battle Royale game mode (free to play) to help work out the kinks in their combat systems, and other various testings a game needs before truly being Alpha ready.

In an effort to keep the community up to date and included in the creation process, they host online forums and discussions about development progression. Every quarter they jump on a live stream and recap all the nitty-gritty details. This particular live steam focused on fantastic new graphics, a Q&A segment, and the sieging mechanics.

Siege Mechanics

In my opinion, this is the biggest update they discussed. These new siege mechanics are going to be instrumental in the core MMO’s features. Keeping to the tradition, they will be releasing a sieging game mode to the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. It will offer the players and the developers a great way to test out the PvP mechanics as well as the actual sieging mechanics and gameplay features.

Features include running supply, deploying siege weapons; trebuchets arrow carts, etc… Plus, the actual destruction and construction of buildings. How a building will slowly crumble as you break down its barriers seems like a small nuance, but it will play a huge role in how the whole MMO functions.  

This sieging game mode is relevant to the core MMO because as the players level up nodes, they will also be competing to be the highest leveled node/city in the server. Only a few nodes will be able to completely level to the highest tier, so groups will have to fight for their city to thrive. Insert sieging here. One city will have to destroy the progress of another to make room for their own growth.

So, as of right now, the engineering team is hard at work perfecting this sieging system and all the features associated. They did not release a specific date for this new siege game mode, but it is coming in the near future.

Here is a list of highlights from the sieging segment:

  • Siege weapons will be drivable/ “enterable” … A current feature being worked on is the ability to attack the player wielding the weapon, as well as separately the destruction of the weapon itself.
  • Supplies/spawning supply lines that are necessary for an attack on a base. Players will have to strategically run these supplies in order to fire and build the siege weapons
  • No friendly fire from the explosions of the siege weapons you are firing… BUT if the wall you are attacking is burning from your explosives, that AoE effect can damage the surrounding players. Adding an element of PvE
  • The animations of carrying, building and deploying the siege weapons

Art, Graphics and Creatures

One thing I feel that Ashes of Creation does really well is their graphics. The game is going to be beautiful, and the creativity is on another level. Each node as it progresses will need to resemble that of a growing and progressing city. It will start as mud, twigs, and sticks and as the node progresses the buildings themselves will visually change to reflect the progression.

As an example of this progression, the team released some fantastic compositions to display how they imagine a node will progress. Below are photos of the Dwarven village artwork of it’s intended progression.

In addition to the village progression, they shared with us some newly designed creatures. The turtle, in particular, is going to be an aquatic mount!

Q&A Segment

Here is a quick point by point answers to some of the community asked questions. This is not directly word for word, so if you would like the full details to feel free to watch the stream on the Ashes of Creation Twitch Channel, or through the Ashes of Creation YouTube channel.

Q: What abilities or early versions of the abilities will be available in castle siege?

A: Some abilities from BR will translate over, but for the most part all of the abilities will be new and tailored to the classic MMO class system

Q: Will we have to go through specific quests in order to unlock certain items and content?

A: You will not be able to do everything if you don’t do the quests, and the progression of the world will lock behind node levels, dungeons, etc…. if something is gated, there is always a predicated activity that you can do to unlock that

Q: As a healer will quest involve me to heal things? class questlines?

A: There will be options to complete quests that are not “killing things” make the class feel relevant in what you are doing

Q: Will castle siege be integrated into BR or will it be separately downloaded?

A: integrated

Q: What type of API will be open?

A: limited API, no quest info, or dungeon info, no exact info on this at this time

Q: What type of gold sinks have you planned for the game to keep the economy in check

A: A dynamic economy, quest rewards, and NPC, will be reflected by the economy. As the resource-based system when building a node the economy will be reflected … a reliance built upon the crafters and creators

Q: Is there an intention to implement and more detailed ping system?

A: Yes, there is an intention to increase the functionality of the ping system specifically mechanics for squad leaders

Q: Will there be dangerous flora that can be planted and used as a weapon in combat example cactus?

A: On a small scale yes, there are already cc skills that will aid in directing the route of the enemy. But not plants specifically.

Q: Will we be able to toggle cosmetics?

A: Yes. Optimization features will reduce players down to a base poly set

Q: Will there be a top-down view for castle siege?

A: No top-down, don’t want players to have information that is not intended, that could ruin gameplay.

Q: When deciding what and how to balance a feature or skill, how much does community opinion come into play vs raw data?

A: Balance between data and player opinion, they need to be in alignment, players give the feeling and playability standpoint… Community discussions are important to development… However useful data is … it won’t tell you if something is fun

Q: Will we be able to command NPCs?

A: Yes, mercenary NPCs can be assigned but will have a minor influence

Q: Will dwarves have a resistance to magic?

A: Potentially passives in the skill line, but no they will not have an innate resistance to magic damage

Q: Will we be able to “hide in plain sight”  … turn off our nameplate to other players?

A: Outside of stealth skills and abilities no you cannot turn off your nameplate replication to other players unless using stealth skills

Q: Will there be levels of bonding between riders and mounts?

A: There are mount progressions that skills will be unlocked could be interpreted as “bonding” plans to have mounts level up and unlock skills

Q: Will casual players have a chance at PvP or will we be forced to grind to be relevant?

A: you want rewards for the hardcore players and a place for the more casual players .. making a multitude of progression paths that benefit both types of players

Q: Are you planning to use unreal engine 4.24 or the most recent stable version of it?

A: Until launch, they plan to continue to update the system until they get closer to a more final launch upgrade until they can’t upgrade anymore

Q: Will we see other playable races in the apocalypse?

A: Most likely

Q: Will it be possible for a mayor to set up festivals for a city?

A: Government systems will be required to collaborate with other nodes and organize events for citizens to participate … whether it is a festival or not still remains unseen. Mayor needs to keep citizens happy so there will be opportunities for the mayor to do so


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