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Drew Parker

Hey there! My name is Drew Parker and I play video games every day. Since I spend most of my time looking for new MMOs to play, I figured why not write about our favorite new and upcoming MMOs. If you enjoy the content, please let me know in the comments below!

Author Articles

Albion Online Finally Fixes Empty Solo Dungeons

All around the land of Albion, players rejoice, for the new update has fixed solo dungeons and we have all waiting awhile for this resolution.

Best Ways to Gather in PVP Zones [Albion Online]

Use these tips to survive the dangers of PvP heavy, red and black zones and successfully gather massive amounts of resources in Albion Online.

Samurai-Inspired Survival MMO SamuTale Releases Major Update

SamuTale, a new sandbox survival MMO released a big update and we had the chance to try it out. Also we're doing a giveaway for this game, so don't miss out.

BadLads, the new MMO for Roleplayers is Out Now

Roleplayers have been waiting for a new MMO to immerse themselves and we're wondering, is that BadLads? Learn all about this new RP MMO.

New World Delayed Due to Pandemic [Confirmed Release Dates]

It's official and we are sad to say that Amazon Game Studios has delayed the release of New World and postponed the Beta until...

Elder Scrolls Online: Insanely Easy Way to Level and Earn Gold in ESO

The ESO Greymoor DLC launch brings players new adventures. This means making sure your character is max level and having more gold in your coin purse.