BadLads, the new MMO for Roleplayers is Out Now

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The success of roleplay-driven experiences like the GTA RP has shown us there is a huge community of RP gamers. An indie developer that goes by the name Chemical Heads Studio has taken on the roleplaying genre with their early access launch of BadLads.

BadLads is described as a “Massive City Roleplaying Game” and it draws inspiration from mods like GTA5 RP and Garry’s Mod. These developers seem open to a community-driven development approach that gives players the tools for creating unique experiences.

Gameplay Trailer

A look at the unique visual style of BadLads MMO

Sin City

Citizens of Vegas will find themselves choosing the neutral, crime or political path. The choices you make in BadLads will ultimately dictate your gameplay experience. Players immerse themselves in a city full of opportunity, gaining power through jobs, gangs, real estate, vehicles and loot, of course.

City of Vegas in MMO BadLads

What will you become?

BadLads gives you the ability to help those in need as an EMT, hunt down the bad guys as a police officer or even run the world as the President. Maybe your friends are ready to square up and create a street gang or maybe you’d like to become a hotshot real estate mogul, BadLads has something for everyone.

BadLads RP MMO Gameplay

Hopefully this one doesn’t end up like Identity, which was a seriously hyped RP MMO that was successfully crowdfunded and failed miserably.

So how much does BadLads cost?

This is a heck of a deal at $12.99 on Steam and based on the graphics, I think that’s fair.

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