D2 Hawkmoon Quest

New “Birds of Prey” Quest with Random Rolls for the Hawkmoon

The community has been feverishly awaiting the new Whisper of the Worm Esque secret Hawkmoon quest that Bungie promised would have random rolls (which is a big deal for an exotic weapon).

Well, turns out reset day was good to us Guardians this week. Oh and we forgot to mention (and so did Bungie) it comes with a new Exotic Catalyst as well.

How to start the Hawkmoon Random Rolls Quest

Hop in your ship and head to Tangled Shore to Speak with Crow. Here you will find the option to acquire a weekly “Birds of Prey” quest. This quest will give you the ability to obtain random roll Hawkmoon’s on all three of your characters each week.

Bird of Prey Quest at Crow Destiny 2 for Hawkmoon

Once the quest has been acquired make your way to the EDZ (Trostland) and enter the fireplace tunnel which can be blown open by using your Hawkmoon. If you have already completed the quest you can simply enter this mission from the destination map interface.

Where the EDZ fireplace to start Hawkmoon quest
Fireplace near Trostland on EDZ above the Kastner Shop

How to complete the Birds of Prey quest

Once you have entered the mission, you will want to jump up to the ledge above the closed hatch and jump from that ledge to the long branch.

Once you have landed on the branch you will want to leap across to the bottom of the dam which has ledges that are sticking out.

Destiny 2 Harbinger Quest jumping to the dam

Now make your way to the open drainage pipe on the side of the dam wall.

Once inside make your way through the tunnels to find each of the Emissaries.

These emissaries will first spawn in the middle area and will be teleported to a new tunnel location behind a blight wall once you’ve taken half of their life down.

Emissary of Savuthun Harbinger

Be prepared to face void, solar and arc shielded enemies throughout the entire mission.

After killing all three emissaries, you will follow the crow into the next phase where you will fight three waves of enemies including unstoppable champions.

Each wave has a different shield type and the order is Arc, Void, and then Solar. Each Wave will introduce more unstoppable champions.

Once these waves have been defeated you will jump up to where the golden crow is leading you and follow this funnel to be teleported through a blight into the final phase of the mission.

At this point you will be following along the original path that leads to the Travler’s Shard from the first Hawkmoon mission.

Once you get to the Traveler’s Shard a harder version of the original mission will ensue. This encounter will include Void and Solar shielded enemies.

The main boss in the center will need to be killed in three phases. Chunk his health down a third, he goes invulnerable and a wave of enemies will spawn. Kill rinse and repeat until dead.

Once the main boss is dead the mission will be complete and a chest will spawn. The first time you defeat this encounter you will earn the Hawk Moon catalyst. In addition to the catalyst, this chest will random rolled Hawk Moon Hand Cannons.

Random Roll Hawkmoon Rangefinder

The Harbinger Mission is Now Permanently Unlocked

After completing this mission for the first time you will now be able to replay this activity from your Destination HUB. The Harbinger Mission will be available on the EDZ similar to entering a Strike. You will not have to enter Trostland and run to the secret entrance every time you want to replay this mission.

The Radiant Accipiter Ship

Crow’s ship will be unlocked by simply continuing the Bird of Prey Questline. Feathers of Light are earned by completing this mission as well as collecting some secret hidden feathers inside the Harbinger Mission.


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