Black Friday Sales for PC Gamers

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Albion Online ShopNo sale at the time of writing this update

Archeage UnchainedBlack Friday Week, November 28th through December 12th select In-Game Marketplace items are up to 30% off. For more information, visit our Archeage Unchained Week of Deals article.

Black Desert Online – 50% off all packages November 26th – December 3rd

Conan Exiles – 50% off till December 3rd through the Steam Marketplace on PC  

CrowfallNo sale at the time of writing this update

Elder Scrolls Online – Save up to 67% on The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr, visit the ESO store page for more information.  

Final Fantasy XIV – No sale at the time of writing this update

Guild Wars 2 – Currently, when you purchase Path of Fire, receive a copy of Heart of Thorns free. On December 1st black Friday special unlocks, 40% off Heart of Thorns Deluxe Upgrade AND 25% off Path of Fire Deluxe Upgrade. Guild Wars 2 is offering multiple Black Friday deals between November 28th through December 2nd. For a full list of details visit our GW2 Black Friday Deals article.

Path of Exiledaily deals, but currently nothing specific confirmed for Black Friday.

Rust – 33% off special promotion, ends December 3rd

World of Warcraft Blizzard Shop is offering black Friday deals for multiple games. For WoW specifically, Battle for Azeroth® is 50% off. (prerequisites for this deal are required)

Steam – The Steam Platform is offering deals on multiple games since we cover majority MMO’s we are not going to list all the games available, but you should check it out! Some games are going for 75% off.

Epic Games  – Epic Games Marketplace is also having a sale. November 22 through December 2nd receive up to 75% off.

Gaming PC Deals

If you’re in the mood to splurge on yourself (at a discounted rate) now is the time. Black Friday deals are trickling in on all the major electronic stores. So far, we have seen great deals popping up all over the place. For those looking for a custom-built desktop, you might want to check out iBuyPower or CyberPowerPC.  

iBuyPower – iBuyPower is offering Black Friday deals on prebuilt PCs, 5% off custom desktops over $999, $50 off same day ready systems, and more. iBuyPower is also offering daily deals in addition to the full menu of sales currently displayed.

CyberPowerPC – CyberPowerPC is offering Black Friday deals on prebuilt PCs, special shipping deals, 5% off orders over $999 and more. Save up to $400 off and receive two-day delivery on all Instant Ship Desktops + $50 gift Amazon gift card with all instant ship desktop and laptops.

**Disclaimer: All deals we have previously mentioned are subject to change. At the time of writing this article we did research and relayed information. We are not associated with any of the companies/games previously mentioned and hold no responsibility to whether or not these deals are still available and or redeemable. **

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