Heart of Fire Rewards Sea of Thieves

Blunderbomb, Chainshots, and the Heart of Fire Tall Tale OH MY!

The Heart of Fire Sea of Thieves March monthly content drop brings the Chainshot cannonball, a Blunderbomb throwable, new Pirate Legend Voyage, and an all-new Fiery Tall Tale! Not to mention all the new ship skins and the new Curse skin to collect! Let’s dive into all the exciting things Rare brought us this month.

The Blunderbomb

Sea of Thieves Blunderbomb throwable weapon

The Blunderbomb is an all-new throwable utility weapon that knocks players backward with an explosion when struck. It combines the effect of the Blunderbuss shotgun and the OG firebomb together in one handy throwable. Use it to knock enemies off your ship, or stop a crew from raising their anchor. This new weapon offers many game-changing opportunities for pirates trying to gain the upper hand.

New Pirate Legend Voyage

Pirate Legend New Voyage Rewards

Duke has a new voyage available for 50 doubloons that will send Pirates to Thieves Haven. Making Thieves Haven the new hotspot for PVP. The treasure accompanied by this voyage gives players Athena’s Fortune experience and special new accommodations that unlock the legendary Treasure Seeker Costume and Ghost Themed Capstan, Cannons and Wheel skins for your ship.  

Heart of Fire Tall Tale

The latest tall tale is straight out of Indiana Jones. Battle through fiery puzzle traps and make your way down deep into the Heart of Fire. Pirates who complete the tall tale and all the commendations will be rewarded with the Ashen Hull and the newest Ashen Curse that will light your pirates’ heart on fire! To start the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, head on down to Morrows Peak, enter the Tavern and find Grace Morrows Journal on the bar to begin the quest.

This Heart of Fire Tall Tale continues the SeaBound Soul storyline and offers players three different paths for adventure. In addition to multiple paths for this tale, they have added new fire trap mechanics. These traps tackle two issues; fire and survivability. First off, these new traps incorporate fire which fits the theme. Secondly, these fire traps allow for some forgiveness when it comes to damage. Previously when hit by a trap, you were instantly murdered. These new fire traps, while keeping to the new fire theme also gave Rare an opportunity to give a new experience that doesn’t instantly punish players for making mistakes.

The Chainshot

Sea of Thieves Chainshot in a barrel

The newest addition to the cannonball family has finally washed ashore. This new chainshot cannonball will drastically change the way players approach enemy ships. This short-range weapon aims to destroy top deck necessities such as; Masts, Capstans, and Wheels. Aiming to immobilize targets and take them down, forcing fights. Gone are the days of sailing into the red sea, it’s time to fight for your treasure. We do feel like this weapon is going to heavily impact Sloop play, as they are single mast ships. One good hit will render a sloop completely immobile.  

Gone Bananas

Cronch Banana Outfits Sea of Thieves

Inspired by the beloved banana, Rare has finally given us the long-awaited banana themed weapons and pet attire. The Cronch Collection can be found in the Pirate Emporium, purchasable via Ancient Coins.

SO CUTE!! Personally, I have been holding out for the perfect outfit for my monkey and I think I’ve found it! These weapons and pet outfits pay tribute to the OG heal consumable, the Banana. Although its no longer the food of choice, bananas will forever be in our hearts (of fire).. see what I did there?!! Happy gaming everyone, we’ll see you out on the seas.


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