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Cheese the Proving Ground Grandmaster Boss Fight

Make your life a little easier by defeating the final boss of the newest addition to the Grandmaster Playlist, the Proving Ground Strike. Destiny 2 has made this new Proving Ground Strike quite the challenge for those trying to complete the Conqueror title. This method for defeating the boss in the Proving Ground GM is closer to a map exploit than a cheese. This method will keep you up high, out of damage range from both the boss and the fiery meteors tracking you down. Making this boss battle a walk in the park.

Jumping to The Cheese Spot

Alright. To do this cheese you will need to jump up onto the top ledge of the final boss room. There are a couple of ways to do this but the easiest way to get up there is to jump onto the banner ring, then jump up onto the golden pillar. From the golden pillar jump up to the ledge around the top edge of the room. This can be done on either side of the room, the objects are mirrored. So pick a side and get hopping.

One person will need to start the encounter, so, have two of your teammates get up into position, then have your best jumper stay behind to start the activity. I would recommend a hunter with invisibility should stay behind just because they can hide in plain sight giving them more time to be patient with the jumping if necessary. 

Breaking the Orange Shields

In this strike, the boss will go invulnerable and drop an orange barrier that has to be shot from the inside to be destroyed. We found a couple of methods for this. But our best is to send your hunter down with invisibility. Let them just take their time and break that orange shield.

If you have a Titan with a bubble, send the Titan down and bubble inside the orange bubble, over the shield spawn point. This way your Titan is protected while breaking down the shield. 

Warlocks, drop your Well of Radiance inside the orange shield, but you will have the least protection, in a Grand Master, everything can still kill you while in your Well of Radiance. So best to keep moving, don’t just AFK stand in your Well while killing the shield spawn. 

UPDATE: The community has been discussing using Skyburners Oath to penetrate these large orange shields. So, you wouldn’t have to ever leave the top safe spot. In addition, some say Antibarrier mods shoot through these. That being said, Eriana’s Vow in theory should work as well (we will be testing this later this evening).

Respawning Cheese

If you jump down off of the top perch and die while on the circular platform your body will be sent back up top to the cheese spot for respawning. This will not work if you touch any other floor surface other than the circular platform (the one usually engulfed in flames). If you fall off the top, try and float to the fiery platform to die. When dead it will send you back up top with your fireteam for an easy rez. 


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