Destiny 2: Atraks-1 Clarity Control Cheese with Salvation Grip

**UPDATE: Some of these exploits have been patched but there is a way to still get through the door. Hunters and Titans can use their supers to propel themselves through the door. Use Salvation Grip the same way we discuss in this article, but instead of crouching to get through the door, you will need to cast your super. Hunters specifically, will need their Stasis super. Cast it with your back against the door once you have wedged yourself inside the Salvation Grip ice. (New video below to demonstrate). As for damaging Atraks once you get through, you will need slug shotguns and a sword (Lament or Falling Guillotine) for your power weapon. The Lament infinite ammo bug has been patched so you will need two or more people to phase through the door if you plan on killing him this way without participating in the encounter mechanics. **

This cheese makes it easy to complete the DSC Clarity Control 2nd encounter in less than five minutes. The Atraks 1 boss fight goes much faster because you’ll be able to infinitely damage him right from the start of the encounter.

What you need: Salvation Grip and Lament

Fortunately, we will be utilizing two crazy bugs that are currently plaguing Destiny 2. The Lament bug that gives you infinite ammo, and the Salvation Grip bug that when using the ice can help you glitch through walls amongst other obscure things.

Salvation Grip Door Cheese

Most of the videos on YouTube will recommend you shoot the ice at the floor. This didn’t work for us because the ice in a close formation near the same spots on the floor proved to be unpredictable.

Instead, what you want to do is line your body up against the door, on the glass. Don’t line your body up in the center of the door because there is a thick metal plate that will prevent you from going through, you need the glass.

So, get your Salvation Grip out, line your body up so your back is against the glass panel of the door. Now, stand up (don’t crouch) and shoot one shot down at your feet in the center of your body. From there turn your body, don’t move, just pivot. 

Instead of shooting the ice at the floor, shoot the ice onto the door to the immediate right and left of your body. If you shoot it too high up on the wall/door you might go under the ice instead of through the door so keep it about hip height maybe a little lower but no lower than knee height. Next, face forward again, crouch and walk backward. Your body, if done correctly will slip easily through to the other side of the door.

TLDR: Cheesing Through Doors in Clarity Control

  1. Get Salvation Grip (and ammo)
  2. Run to the Exit Door
  3. Place your back up against the glass portion of the door
  4. Shoot one shot at your feet
  5. Shoot one shot on the wall to your right
  6. Shoot one shot on the wall to your left
  7. Face forward
  8. Crouch and Walk Backwards

If you wedge your body between the ice properly, you will slip right through the door easy on your first try. The quicker you do this the better the odds of defeating Atraks. Your team might need to do one round if it takes you a couple of minutes to get through the door.

Killing Atraks 1

Once through the exit doors, run all the way through until right before the chamber doors to the jumping puzzle. You will see red on your radar, follow it. You will find a regular-sized captain looking fella. His health bar is tied to Atraks 1 (yup another replica). You are not going to see damage numbers but Atraks 1 health bar will begin to drop. This is where Lament comes in handy.

If you are unaware, the Lament sword currently has an infinite ammo bug. When you run out of ammo simply jump and swing the heavy attack. Even though you don’t have ammo, doing this will still cause damage (a bug that is currently ruining Gambit.. but that’s a different story).

So after you squeeze through the door, swap to Lament and go kill the Atraks 1 replica hiding just outside the door to the jumping puzzle. And done. Cheese complete! 

We managed to do this encounter with just the two of us. It took us a little while to figure out the best way to get through the door with the ice, so we wanted to share our findings with you. This is a great way to quickly farm spoils if you have a friend and don’t feel like finding a full fire team. Also, it’s important to note that we got through the door before the servitors spawned, leaving plenty of time before the wipe mechanic. I think it took us about 4 minutes from start to finish.


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