Corepunk MMO ARPG

Corepunk Open-World MMOARPG Gameplay Revealed

This year has given us a lot to look forward to in the ARPG realm and Corepunk MMO is the cherry on top. It will be very similar to Diablo as far as the progression of quests and standard ARPG style.

We can easily see in the Corepunk gameplay trailer that the developers, Artificial Core, have a serious passion for the genre. This game looks fantastic and in their FAQ section they wrote: “Corepunk is a game with stylized graphics, a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, and an eclectic fusion of genres – from cyberpunk to dark fantasy.”

CorePunk Official Announcement Gameplay Trailer

What’s the game about?

On the official site, they wrote: “Corepunk is an MMORPG with an open seamless world that allows for endless possibilities. You can explore the world, participate in trading, complete dungeons, or engage in PvP battles. Each aspect of the game will be incentivized. There will be a rating system to encourage each type of activity.”

Corepunk Major Features

Artificial Core, the developers of Corepunk, plan to have many core MMO features. I have listed all the features we consider major game features below:

  • Player vs Player (PvP)
  • Player vs Economy (PvE)
  • PVP Battles
  • Stable In-Game Economy
  • Extensive Trade System
  • Guild Management
  • Dungeon Instances
  • Farming System
  • Branching Quests
  • Alternative Endings
  • Unique Monsters
  • Profound Lore
  • Many Professions
  • PVP Arenas and Battlegrounds

Will I lose stuff when I die?

Potentially, when you die there is a small chance of losing loot from your inventory. Also, there seems to be a Karma system that will identify you as a “Player Killer” and when you die you’ll lose an artifact from your slot which seems fair.

How does Artificial Core plan to monetize Corepunk?

The full details have not been released but on the website, they state that they are against pay-to-win which is a great sign, although we heard this before. Fingers crossed!

Is it WASD or Click to Move?

The website states the following: Movement in the game is controlled by a mouse, and all abilities require the use of a keyboard.

When does Corepunk come out?

Based on the official website, Artificial Core is planning to start the Open Beta Test in Q4 2020.

How do I get access to the beta?

If you’re interested in trying out the game during the closed beta, visit the official website and scroll down to the “Sign up for Beta” section and enter your email to get signed up. It is not a guaranteed way to get access to the game, so keep that in mind.


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