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Crews of Rage Brings The Exploding Chest of Rage and More

The Crews of Rage free content installment hit the seas February 19th,2020. This update brings us a new voyage, a revitalized Molten Sands Fort out in the Devils Roar, exploding treasure, the chance to re-roll our character model, new ashen skeletons, accommodations, plus new skins for your ships and your pirate.

This patch brings one of the most anticipated updates since the game launched, changing your pirate appearance! We are not going to discuss how to change your pirate in this article, so if you are looking for more information on how to change your pirate, our guide on How to Use Pirate Appearance Potion in Sea of Thieves will help you out.

UPDATE: There is a new, limited-time event going on in addition to this Crews of Rage content release. The Hunter’s Haul Fishing Event is now live from February 24th through March 9th.

Chest of Rage

The chest of Rage is the newest treasure unveiled in Sea of Thieves. This new chest boils up in a raging tantrum and will explode if not cooled down. When the chest explodes it sets fire to people or things around it. Making the chest a unique utility item, as it can be carted around and used to fight skeletons or set fire to enemy ships.

I will say, from my experience so far, when it comes to a ship, it does not blow holes in the haul, it just lights it on fire. Not really aiding in sinking the ship. To be completely fair, fire does eventually crack holes in the hull, it just takes a lot of fire and time. More than anything fire adds an element of chaos and uncertainty. So, if you need to set your enemies in a panic while you lay cannon fire, this is one sure way to do so.

chest of rage on the bow

TIPS ON TRAVELING WITH THE CHEST OF RAGE: Streamers such as Pace22 found a simple method for carting the Chest of Rage around. Place the chest at the tip of the bow. When the thing eventually implodes, the fire will only impact that front bow plank thingy. Making it easier to put out the fire. This is especially beneficial for those solo slooping (one less thing to manage).

How to find the Chest of Rage

The Bounty of Raging [insert zone here] Voyage is acquired by speaking with Duke in a Tavern, purchased for zero doubloons. The voyage takes you to the Devils Roar to dig up treasure (this includes the chest of rage) and then sends you off to kill some skeletons.

There are four versions of this voyage, they type only dictates the region you will be fighting skeletons, you will have to visit the Roar to dig up the new chest no matter which voyage you choose. In addition to the current voyage, the Chest of Rage can be found in the Molten Sands Fortress after defeating the active fort.

First Encounter with the Chest of Rage

I had the unfortunate pleasure of joining a random crew who didn’t find value in cooling this bad boy down. I left the ship to help dig up loot and came back to a ship on fire. And it wasn’t an accident. This rando chose to set the chest off, and tuck it on the bottom deck… A really nice guy.

exploding chest of rage

In an attempt to prevent further damage, I set off to find this rager. I found the chest hidden in a corner, between some barrels at the bottom deck of the galleon. I grab it and began the sprint to the top of the ship. This thing is bubbling, sparks are flying… It’s starting to yell. Dashing through the flames and boom. It explodes a second time. Pirate me is coughing, on fire, 25% health and melting fast… I managed to fling myself over the edge and finally put it out. But the damage was done. Fire on both the top and second deck.  

So, here I am trying to put out the ship when everyone decides to disconnect one by one. The boat is a lost cause, all the masts have fallen, and now I hear the hull cracking holes. My one glimmer of hope, a rowboat. I fight the flames one last time, make my way to the map, and locate the nearest outpost.

Grab only the valuable loot and drop that rowboat. Rowed all the way to the outpost. Interesting fact, the waves splashing over the rowboat would cool the Chest of Rage, but just to be save I would periodically stop and give it a dip.

I’m not sure if the fire from this chest does more damage? But it spread like fiendfyre. I had zero luck putting it out once it spread past the top deck. Maybe if I had real teammates… Moral of the story? Gamers are trolls, never leave that raging chest alone with someone you can’t trust, and ALWAYS have a backup plan.

Molten Sands Fortress

The fortress out in the Devils Roar was probably the most neglected fort in the game up until this patch. It offered little distinction from the others, yet was located out in the hardest waters to maneuver. This is no longer the case. With the new patch comes a brand-new Molten Sands Fortress experience.

Molten Sands Fortress Sea of Thieves

Skeletons throughout the Roar have been upgraded to Ashen Skeletons (including the revamped fort). These skeletons now have “resistance to fire”. In addition to new skeletons, the fort loot has been upgraded to match risk, and the chest of rage has been included in the payout.

For the duration of this Crews of Rage Event, all other forts are inactive. The only fort spawn will be the Molten Sands Fortress. Tunneling the majority of the PVP out into the Devils Roar.

New Skins and Collectibles

Black market loot includes the final Ashen Tomes of Resurrection collectibles. These can be unlocked by opening locked Ashen Chests and turning the tomes to Duke in the Tavern. Ashen Keys and Chests can be found in one of two ways.

tome of resurrection rewards

First, Duke has voyages for both keys and chests (purchasable for gold/doubloons). The second method is to kill Ashen Skeleton Captains found randomly on islands. These bosses were added during the SeaBound Soul content and have remained a permanent addition to the game. These Captains glow red, so they are easy to spot while sailing around.

As far as new cosmetics are concerned. Duke has been stocked with more ship and clothing cosmetics to collect. For those who want to purchase skins from a previous patch, speak with Duke to find the Black-Market Archive. In addition to these cosmetics, Pirate Legends have brand new hair options. Use the secret entrance at the tavern to enter the Pirate Legend hideout to purchase these new hair skins.

The Pirate Emporium has new Titanic inspired emotes and new Reaper’s Heart weapon skins and more. The official Crews of Rage video by Rare (also embeded at the start of this article) shows some of the skins, but if you want to see pictures of the new cosmetics, head over to the official Crews of Rage article by Rare.


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