Cursebreaker Title Bugged 2021 Destiny 2 [Update]

Update to the Missing Ahamkara Bones: Based on the recent TWAB (This Week at Bungie), the missing bones in two Ascendant Challenges have been fixed! No word currently on the missing bones in the Shattered Throne. We will keep you updated!

missing ahamkara bones in ascendant challenge destiny 2

If you’re like me and started playing Destiny 2 late, you’re going back through all the legacy content, trying to get yourself those coveted titles before they disappear! Well, unfortunately, the Cursebreaker Title (the Dreaming City title) in the year 2021 has collection triumphs that are broken (or for lack of a better term, not spawning).

This is an issue I have been following for months now, and I figured if I’m looking for this info, you might be too. So hopefully this helps you. When this problem is finally fixed I will be updating this article, so rest assured someone is actively checking for these missing Ahamkara bones.

Which Triumphs are Bugged

Currently, the bugged items are the Bones of Ahamkara. They are a Secret Collection Triumph under the Cursebreaker Title Seal. Specifically, bones tied to lore books. When the lore was archived, it seems it took the spawning bones with them.

So currently, from the research I’ve done myself (both in-game and online) bones in the Shattered Throne are missing and the bones from two Ascendant Challenges; Agonarch Abyss and Cimmerian Garrison. Bones missing by name: Archiloquy, Brephos I, Brephos III, Cosmogyre II, Cosmogyre IV, and Fideicide I.

Some players are experiencing more than those six bones missing. Some guardians are missing Corrupted Eggs as well. If I’m being honest, I am not sure if I am also missing eggs because when I got to the Agonarch Abyss challenge and found my bone missing I simultaneously rage quit hunting down the eggs. So now I have been watching the TWABS and checking forums hoping some new information will come to light. It’s bad to assume, but I’ll bet the Eggs will be fixed when the Bones are fixed.

Proof Bungie is Working on It

As far as forums and threads are concerned, all we get is that Bungie is looking into this issue, but no ETA. There are countless Bungie help threads and Reddit threads, so it is quite hard to keep tabs on every-one. But the good news is that it is on their radar.

In the Destiny 2 Year 4 Known Issues official Bungie page (photo above), we can see that they have documented the issue under the Triumphs and Collections section. The only problem with this is that it’s been literally months, and possibly a full year now that this problem has been happening for players.

On the upside, the December 10th, 2020 TWAB depicts that they are actively looking into it (image above). So, it’s good to know they haven’t forgotten about it, they are just really busy working on everything else.

Let’s give them some credit. They have had to work from home, and still managed to give us; Beyond Light, new abilities to play with, and the new seasons are still being released on time. Therefore, I am upset I can’t earn this title BUT I do understand it is very difficult to achieve such high set goals. Some things will fall through the cracks.

How to Check Which Bones You are Missing

Something I discovered while looking into the issues with this Cursebreaker title was a way to track exactly which bones I was missing. MMOScoop is not the creator of this APP, it was created by a Destiny 2 player. It is genuinely a great app both for function and design creativity. You will have to connect your Bungie account, so if you are uncomfortable with that then maybe don’t use it. If it eases your mind, I have used it and my information has been safe thus far.

This application is called It is creatively themed to Destiny 2 and tracks all your triumphs, collections, medals, checklists, and more. If you are trying to track Ahamkara bones or Penguins you’re missing, Jade Rabbits, etc… you will need to access the Checklists.

When Braytech is connected to your account, it will show you exactly what you are missing and what you have already collected. Removing all the guesswork. In Destiny 2, all you see is 4/9, not which four you have already found.

As you can see, it shows you exactly what you have already collected. Super simple, you sign in the same as you would on the Bungie website. Select your platform and login, and the app does the rest.

I hope you found this information helpful. Like I said previously, we will be keeping tabs on this broken Cursebreaker Title, so if you don’t want to check for updates yourself, favorite this article. When new information is released, we will add updates to the very top of the page.

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