Destiny 2: Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide [Beyond Light]

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The race is on! For everyone who is competing we wish you the best of luck! The new raid Deep Stone Crypt is a medley of frozen Europa land, a top-secret facility, and a space ship attempting to destroy Europa. Time and the cold are your enemy. Crash the ship that aims to destroy our favorite icy planet, defeat Taniks and coordinate with your team for victory! let’s get started!

Pre-Encounter: Locate the Deep Stone Crypt

Step one is to endure the cold while locating the entrance to the deep stone crypt. Everyone will have to be inside the doorway for the entrance to open.

Once you get through the door you have to survive the cold to make it to the Deep Stone Crypt. The best way to do this is to sparrow bubble to bubble.

The bubble is a safety bubble that will stop the cold from killing you. The bubbles will have a Dark Counselor enemy so beware.

You are looking for a cave with another chamber door.

Once through the cave the cold air is no longer an issue. You can freely ride your sparrow through the cave and up the mountain to get to the building.

Find the large door cracked open.

First Encounter: Disable Crypt Security

Two buffs in this room: Operator (red buff) and Scanner (yellow buff).

Transfer the buff from person to person by using the Augment Terminal. Only one buff can be in the Augment Terminal at a time.

The Scanner buff can see the active terminals to shoot. These terminals/buttons will be glowing yellow. Find the Vandal with the buff to obtain the Scanner buff.

Scanner buff stays up top and looks through the floor to view which button/terminals need to be shot by the Operator downstairs. All buttons are visible from the glass windows in the floor.

The Operator Buff also drops from a Vandal. The operator can open the doors and punch buttons. Only one person with a buff can enter the operator room downstairs. Once the operator makes it downstairs the operator can transfer the buff back upstairs if necessary to open the doors to each room.

The operator and the scanner need to coordinate which terminals to shoot. Shoot four terminals to activate the burn phase.

Burn phase you shoot only two of the six large tubes that begin to overheat. You will be completing three rounds. Use the buffs to determine which tubes to shoot. This part is still unclear I have not seen what this looks like, but I will update when I have more information or a photo of this visual.

Second Encounter: Clarity Control

Three buffs in this encounter; the Atraks 1- Replication buff, Scanner buff and Operator buff. Two rooms; Space room and first room.

Find and kill the vandals with the scanner buff and the operator buff (should be in the space room). These two enemies will be spawning during the servitor rounds. Killing all servitors will spawn replicas, so its best to wait until your operator and scanner have their buffs. Servitors will also block the terminals from working.

The Scanner identifies the Atraks 1 Replication Enemy that carries the Replication buff. If you don’t kill the right enemy you will wipe, if you shoot the wrong enemy same outcome. Four of these Aktraks replicas in each room (space and first room).

The Scanners job — locate the Atraks Replica to kill so the buff drops. Scanner, once you identify and kill the replica pass the buff to the first room via the terminal similar to the first encounter. (A scanner can pick up a replica buff if necessary.)

Operators’ job — open the doors to the vacuum rooms while inside the space room and shoot the buff into space. The operator can also control the pods that travel between the two rooms.

The third player without a buff grabs the replica buff to be taken into one of the four vacuum rooms to be purged into space. If you need to remove the buff the Operator or another member will have to shoot it off your head, you cannot drop it without a teammate.

To purge the Atrak 1 Replication Buff players enter one of the vacuum rooms the operator can open up in the space room. Once inside the operator (or another member of your team) has to shoot the buff off of the person. Exit the room after the buff is removed to prevent death. That room will suck the buff out into space preventing a wipe.

These vacuum rooms deactivate and reactivate during phases, it is unsure yet whether or not you should purge multiple buffs at once, or if it’s best to purge one at a time.

Damaging the Boss

The first chunk of health bar on Atraks-1 Fallen Exo is damageable by killing the Atraks-1 replica that glows yellow for the Scanner and drops the buff. Try to get as much damage on these enemies as your team can. This will chunk the health bar down and keep your team from either running out the timer for this phase of the encounter or doing too many rounds which causes a wipe. We are not sure yet which causes the wipe, too much time, or too many rounds.

The second and final burn phase everyone comes up to the space room and the person with the scanner calls out which replica to burn down. Kill each replica to beat the second encounter.

Third Encounter: Jumping Puzzle

Jump around the outside of the space ship in order to reach the next encounter.

Chest in the jumping puzzle. More information coming soon.

Fourth Encounter: Prevent Europa’s Destruction

The goal is to stun Taniks, and prevent the nuclear core from destructing.

Three buffs in this encounter; Operator (red), Scanner (yellow), Suppressor (blue). One of these three buffs will time out between rounds so you will have to rotate between each other. So have three teams, one for each buff, rotate with your teammate when your buff deactivates.

The order of importance: Stun Taniks (blue buff), shoot the keypads to turn the charge ports “Online” (red buff), locate the charge ports for the cores via the Scanner buff (yellow buff). Players without a buff deliver the cores to the charge ports determined by the Scanner.

IMPORTANT: Unsure which action activates the inactive ports, stunning Taniks or shooting the keypads. I think it’s the stun, but I’m not 100% certain so for now, I’m noting them both as ways to activate nuclear terminal ports.

Repeat this process three times. Champions will spawn and disable the charge ports. Once you complete this process for the third time the floor door in the center of the room opens up. Jump in and run to the end, Taniks will be chasing you down.

Fifth Encounter: Defeat Taniks: The Abomination

Same three buffs as the previous encounter; Suppressor (blue), Operator (red), Scanner (yellow).

The abomination will have little lights you need to pop to obtain the nuclear balls. The scanner identifies the location to take these nuclear balls that drop. The operator is in charge of shooting the purple cage Taniks locks random players in. The Suppressor stuns Taniks.

You only need to shoot two lights for two balls because only two charge ports will be available. One random buff will be deactivated every time you finish a round of dropping nuclear balls into their charge ports. So a buddy system is good for this encounter as well.

The Suppressor will need to time their stun with shooting the lights that drop the balls because these nuclear charge ports will be inactive until he is stunned. In different terms, you need to stun the abomination to activate the charge ports to place the nuclear balls to activate a burn phase. Charge four cores to activate a burn phase (two at a time so two rounds for one burn phase).

During the burn phase enter the arc bubble but stay clear of the center ring directly beneath him. The spot directly below him will instantly kill you. He knocks players out of the dome randomly, so beware of the circling debris.

This encounter has the same health bar as the second encounter, kill about 85% of the health bar to trigger the final burn phase.

The final burn phase Taniks will start porting around the area. You will have to do enough damage in this phase or you will be wiped. Chase him around doing damage until he reaches his final spot, visual cue is that he will be on fire. DPS until you kill him.

Make sure to crack enough damage into him when he’s jumping around or you will wipe and have to do the first part again, don’t forget this! Max damage output for success.

Hidden Chests

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