Destiny 2 Lament Exotic is Beyond Broken Right Now

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If you’ve gone through the Lost Lament quest within the new Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion, you’ve had a chance to try out this new exotic sword.

I’m sure you’ve learned to hold block to rev up the blade then light swing to build stacks before unleashing a massive heavy attack.

Although, there is another way to use this sword right now and it’s really making game modes like Gambit suffer.

So here’s the big issue, when you are out of ammo you can jump then heavy attack and it will do massive damage and even bypass shields.

Lament Exotic Sword Specs Screenshot

In Gambit, it’s an absolute joke right now and it’s all about who can deposit their motes first, then boss damage is a cakewalk with infinite Lament heavy attacks.

This works in PVP and PVE at the time of writing this and I’m hoping Bungie will take notice because bugs like this will affect all players, especially those not taking advantage.

Recently, Bungie has done a great job of patching these types of issues so hopefully, this Lament cheese will be resolved soon.

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