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Replace the Mountaintop with New Grenade Launcher [Season of the Hunt]


Our theories were correct for the most part. November 17th patch introduced new Wrathborn hunts given to us by the Crow AKA Uldren.

The Crow is a NPC in Destiny 2 that can be found near Spider on Tangled Shore. Uldren, the Crow provides you with a quest to unlock Wrathborn Hunts and a Cryptolith Lure. In addition to the Wrathborn hunt activities, you can turn in Recon Data to the Crow at a chance to earn gear from the Season of the Hunt.

I rolled the Deafening Whisper first try through turning in Recon Data to the Crow, and my lure gave me a glyph to earn another. Basically, my point is that this weapon is super easy to earn once you get in there and start participating in the Wrathborn Hunt challenges.

Deafening Whisper vs Mountaintop

I will say, this new special ammo grenade launcher is not as satisfying as the Mountaintop, but it is a good replacement. By nature, it is closer to the Martyrs Retribution due to the wave frame, and it feels like it as well. It’s essentially a void version of the Martyrs Retribution but it has a higher light level cap and it comes with shiny new perks to roll. Not to say I don’t enjoy using the weapon, it’s just not the same gratification as the Mountaintop. So yes, it’s a good replacement for the Mountaintop, but no it doesn’t have that same wow factor I was hoping for.

Could we have found it?! Mountaintop 2.0 could be a reality with the new special ammo grenade launcher the Deafening Whisper.

Currently, there is no way to get it, it is only visible via the collections tab, but look at it! We demanded a new Mountaintop and I THINK Bungie delivered. Deafening Whisper could be an alternative to Mountaintop.

The loss of the Mountaintop is a devastating blow for the PvP AND PvE community. Without the Mountaintop grenade launcher, I would have never been able to complete the Prophecy Dungeon solo so I am hoping that this new weapon, the Deafening Whisper can fill that Mountaintopped shape hole in my heart.

When I discovered the Deafening Whisper in the weapons collection tab I went searching for ways to earn it, and currently, there are none. The only sources I found were simple cataloging but nothing more. is the only source that offers some hints as to where it can be earned.

Theory 1: Deafening Whisper Comes with the Return of Uldren

The Deafening Whisper seems to be found in Engrams and Hunting Raiment Engrams (engram containing gear from Season of the Hunt). I’m guessing that Uldren will be the key to this weapon being unlocked because if you see above “Work with Crow to harvest a powerful reward” – I have read in many places that Uldren is returning as the Crow in Season of the Hunt.

Therefore, it can only be assumed that when we eventually do cross paths with Uldren in the story this weapon will be soon to follow as either a quest reward or bounty reward or possibly a campaign reward.

Theory 2: Deafening Whisper is a Reward from Spider

On November 12th Bungie released a new Season of the Hunt trailer revealing Spider as the central point for activities for specifically the Season of the Hunt. In this trailer, we see the Deafening Whisper just as Spider is saying, “Break Xivu Araths hold over my shore and you can claim any prize in my lair as your reward”.

I’m guessing it’s going to be a little bit of both theories. Uldren is going to return via the campaign and we will be ushered into the Tangled Shore to work with Spider to earn rewards.

WellSpring Perk

As with most of the new rocket and grenade launchers that came dropped in Beyond Light, Deafening Whisper can also roll with WellSpring. The reason why WellSpring is so powerful is because kills with this perk will generate ability energy; the ability energy generated will spread across all uncharged abilities. My second favorite perk on this has to be Ambitious Assassin simply because I know this thing is going to be a multi-killer god so overflowing the magazine means less time wasted reloading.


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