Visions of the Past Steel and Fire Guild Wars 2

Dive into the Past with the GW2 Living World Episode Steel and Fire

Our beloved Aurene has evolved into a magical dragon existing beyond time and space and is leading us on a journey through the past. This new episode unlocks March 17th, 2020 and will offer players the opportunity to play through the eyes of various storyline characters.

Out with the old is something GW2 never says, as they are bringing back four Living World Season 1 Story Line Missions. For those who don’t know, these missions involved Tyria’s first threat, Scarlet and her toxic metal minions.

In addition to the LWS1 replay, players are getting some shiny new toys. The Eye of the North portal is being added, a new strike mission “Join the Steel Warband”, and an all-new Delve played through the eyes of Ryland.

The Eye of the North, to me personally, feels like the new community goal. “Help them upgrade it into a worthy base of operations, including a launch portal for Strike Missions.” This portal will be the HUB home for Strike Missions (similar to the fractal HUB) and I believe that when they say “upgradable”, they are referring to all player involvement. Something GW2 has relied on in the past for unlocking new content and features.

In addition to the new community goal, and the new Strike Mission, players are also getting a Story Mission Delve played through the eyes of Ryland, our favorite Charr warrior. A Delve traditionally in the MMO space is a single-player experience. So, we can assume by the phrasing that this will be a single-player experience.

Steel and Fire New Armor Guild Wars 2

Players participating in the new activities will have the opportunity to unlock some new rewards. Specifically, the Stone Summit Armor and the Runic armor set.

Player Concerns

The community is having mixed feelings on this update. Some are excited about the past content but are speculating that Strike Missions could be ArenaNet’s way of moving away from making new Fractals and changing their focus a bit. How do you feel about this? Join in on the conversation via this Reddit thread below.


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