Dodge Rolling in New World [how to actually roll not just shuffle]

If you’re like me, that literal ‘roll’ when dodging just hits differently. It’s something that can’t be replicated. So imagine my disappointment when I’m sitting there spamming the hotkey and all I get is a measly side shuffle. No roll.

Although when I look around me, I see people actually rolling. I felt like I was hit with a Confundus Charm. Why is everyone rolling but me?! Well, I’ve found the answer, and it took me a little too long to figure it out. So I hope that if you are finding this, you don’t waste weeks of your time confused like I did.

How to Dodge Roll [AKA Evade]

The hot key for evading is the Left Shift key. So yes, you are pressing the correct button.

TLDR: light armor. Armor weight affects your ability to dodge. In fact, each level of armor has a different evade animation.

Light armor gives an actual roll and moves you the furthest away from danger. Medium armor is like a skip shuffle to the side, still moving you out of the way, but you are heavier, so it’s harder. Heavy armor is just a duckā€”kind of disappointing, but hey, at least the tanks get something.

I think my favorite thing about this system is the irony. I can yeet off any mountain, and it only takes a small portion of my health, but the burden of my heavy armor is simply too great to muster up the strength to roll out of danger.

Anyways, I hope this helps you! I, for one, spent too long trying to figure out how to dodge roll before finding out the truth about the armor.


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