Dragonguard Event is Live Now in Elder Scrolls Online

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Today, Tuesday, November 26th at 10 AM EST through Monday, December 9th 10:AM EST marks the Dawn of the Dragonguard Event. This year is almost over and with it brings a closing to the year-long dragon chapter.

To commemorate the year of Dragons, ESO is bringing it home with this new event. Unlock bonus rewards, double drops, event tickets and more. To be eligible to participate, players need to first have access to some of the Season of the Dragon content. This encompasses all dragon DLC dungeons and Elsweyr content.

In addition to unlocking some of this content, visit the in-game Crown Store and grab the Dawn of the Dragonguard Quest to activate the event for your account. Participate in all previous dragon content to receive double the loot and event tickets that unlock exclusive items and new collectibles. For all the nitty-gritty details about the event and exclusive loot visit the official Elder Scrolls Online Dawn of the Dragonguard Event page.

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