Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm DLC

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Quarter 1: March 2020

The first step on our journey through The Dark Heart of Skyrim. This first installment of DLC will be unlocked free with the ESO Plus Monthly Membership. For those who do not pay for Plus, it will be purchasable via the in-game Crown Store.

What Is included with the Harrowstorm DLC?

The Elder Scrolls Online Harrowstorm DLC is the first installment of content for the year-long story, The Dark Heart of Skyrim. Specifically, the Harrowstorm DLC will be featuring two new dungeons; The Unhallowed Grave and Icereach.

Players who purchase the DLC will have access to participate in the dungeon along with all the perks dungeons have to offer. Specifically, players will have the opportunity to unlock an array of new rewards including; achievements, gear sets, and collectibles. These special rewards will only be obtainable through purchasing the DLC.

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