Elder Scrolls Online: The Greymoor Chapter

Quarter 2: June 2020 

The Greymoor Chapter is what I like to call the meat and potatoes of The Dark Heart of Skyrim. The DLC’s are the side dish, but the Chapter is that main entrée. Personally, I am super excited for this new chapter because it is enhancing my favorite skill line, the Vampires!

Below we will discuss some of the new features and skill lines the new Greymoor Chapter is projected to offer. We don’t discuss the rewards in-depth, but with every new chapter comes new collectibles, gear and other various items and achievements. This is not something we have a lot of information on, but expect shiny new toys to collect.

Vampire Skill Line Overhaul

Epic new vampire lords = vampires need to up their game. The previous vampire line was… okay, but it was basic, and personally, I felt like it was some extra skills, not a full line I could level and play 100% of the abilities. I am excited to share that the Vampire Skill Line is getting an overhaul, and including a (rumored) brand-new ultimate ability.

In addition to new skills, they are also upgrading the animations. Making “feeding” more dynamic. The new feeding animations are being compared to the Dark Brotherhood assassinations. When assassinating NPCs, you sneak up and toggle the kill switch, activating intricate assassination cut scenes. The new “feeding” mechanics are going to reflect these mechanics. Upon activating the feeding, brand-new cutscene animations will activate. We are not yet sure exactly what this will look like, but I imagine blood splattering everywhere. This was announced during the Official Dark Heart of Skyrim Announcement

Western Skyrim

The Greymoor chapter takes us to the western quadrant of Skyrim and features some iconic landmarks for those who love Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. From the west, we are driven underground into the hidden city of Blackreach. Stirring in the shadows lives an ancient Vampire Lord, AKA the focal point of this chapter’s storyline. It is projected that 40% of playable content will take place underground in Blackreach.

Kyne’s Aegis (New Trial)

An all-new 12 player trial is coming with Greymoor. Trials require highly skilled, geared and calculated groups in order to take on the challenge at hand. For those who are unfamiliar with trials, imagine a dungeon on steroids, lots of mechanics and coordination is required to overcome the challenges.


Harrowstorms are the new world event for Western Skyrim. These storms, if caught in them will drain your energy and transform you into either a zombie or “ravenous monster”. Join forces to defeat these storms, similar to other world events.


We touch on antiquities in our article; The Dark Heart of Skyrim Elder Scrolls Online New Year of Content 2020. But for those who have not read that article, we will revisit this feature.

Antiquities is a new mini-game system that will send the player on the ultimate treasure hunt for ancient relics. These relics will be items that can be collected as trophies for your home, gear to wear for perks, and more.

This mini-game will be unlocked within the City of Solitude, by speaking with the Antiquarian Circle. They will teach you how to hunt, and send you on your way with skill lines to assist you.

This feature is something that spreads out across all of Tamriel, past, and future. Meaning, these relics can be found all throughout Tamriel, not just Western Skyrim, AND they announced that these artifacts will be incorporated into future DLC/Chapter expansions.

For more information visit the official Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor article. 


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