ESO Makes Life Easier for Solo Players

The Gates of Hell are open in Elder Scrolls Online. Blackwood, the latest Chapter (expansion) in ESO promises stories set to land you deep within the Gates of Oblivion. The lore is always compelling, and we can hypothesis and oogle over stories all day… But what I want to talk about today is the major game feature being introduced with latest Chapter, Blackwood… Companions.

Solo Questing Just Got Easier with Companions

All the solo players in the house say Woot-WOOT (cups hand to hear and listens for a unison Woot-WOOT). Elder Scrolls Online is introducing Companions in its 2021 Chapter, Blackwood. These companions are essentially controlled by you, the player. They the puppets, you the puppeteer.

Companions is a fancy way to say Combat NPC that follows you around and kills thangs for you. You will be able to dress them up and tell them where to go and what to do. These NPC Companions will be permanent additions to your firing squad so long as you unlock them via the Blackwood quest lines. Meaning, you will have to purchase the Blackwood Chapter expansion in order to gain access to these little buddies.

Your new friends will be unlocked via story, giving them their own history as well. For those who like the lore, it’s going to be fun to find your companions in-game and gain them as your permanent ally.

These helpful new Companions, once unlocked will be interactable. Anything and everything from leveling up your buddies, equipping them with new gear, and speaking with them. Also, and this one is big, you can set their combat behaviors and abilities. Meaning, you can have your own personal healer and tank while you sit back and DPS to your heart’s content.

I do find myself taking the solo route when playing Elder Scrolls Online, and my challenge has always been numbers. Some activities just don’t feel satisfying alone, even though that’s how I prefer to play. So, I personally am super excited for this patch and can’t wait to level up some imaginary friends to run around in ESO with. (Finally, friends who LISTEN)

If you are like me and enjoy watching all the information revealed at events, check out the ESO 2021 Global Reveal Event – Gates of Oblivion (below)


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