Gilda Star in ArcheAge Unchained

Fastest ways to get Gilda Stars in Archeage Unchained

Gilda Stars are an essential part of ArcheAge Unchained. In this guide, we will outline the best ways to get Gilda Stars fast.

Gilda is a currency in Archeage and arguably, the most important currency in the game. These golden coins can be crafted into trade-packs to yield a higher gold profit when turning in. They are also used to purchase everything on Mirage Isle. Any upgrades, glider designs, glider upgrades, vehicles, ships, housing… everything. You’re going to need a lot of them, and quick! Especially if you are trying to get land before the housing zones fill up.

How do you trade Gilda Stars?

First, I wanted to answer this question because I see it frequently asked in chat and other various places. You can’t trade Gilda Stars, they are account bound. You CAN, however, trade designs purchased with Gilda Stars. So, when you see someone in chat asking to sell/buy Gilda Stars, they are not actually trading the currency. The seller is purchasing the design the buyer wants and then trading their agreed-upon gold amount through the trading HUD. The trading HUD allows both parties to place their items, lock them in and safely trade. Keeping either party from being ripped off.

Different Ways to Earn Gilda Stars

Here is a quick list of all the ways to get those treasured Gilda Stars. We will dive a little deeper below:

  • Story quests
  • Blue Salt Brotherhood Daily Quests
  • Achievements
  • Hunting Requests
  • Daily Mentor Dungeon Quests
  • Daily Trade Quests
  • Daily Naval Quests
  • Daily Farmers Workstation
  • Daily World Bosses
  • Guild Missions
  • Thatched Farmhouse Dailies


First off, the basics, your green quests. Green Quests are the main racial storyline that takes you through all the major game milestones and into Ancestral leveling. Each green quest completion will yield 1 Gilda Star. Now, I did the math for you, there are currently (November 2019) 23 chapters broken up into 195 total quests. Meaning… The main storyline alone will give you 195 Gilda Stars.


There are many avenues to earning Gilda Stars Daily. Some are quests that become available automatically, while others will require gold to purchase the quest. All daily quests given by an NPC are symbolized by a purple exclamation mark over the NPCs head.

Hunting Requests

Hunting Quests are purchased from vendors inside the Community Center building in zones that go into war. The NPC does not have an icon over their heads, but when you walk into a Community Center building they will be on the left side across from the bank and mailbox.

Each zone has a different number of purchasable hunting quests, and they can be completed at any time throughout the day. Once purchased, open your inventory and click on each quest to activate it. They look like envelopes with yellow exclamations on top. When completed the quest item will disappear and a Gilda Star will automatically be added to your bag. If your bag is full it will be mailed to you. Typically, these quests send you on a mission to kill 12 specific types of enemies in the zone. A fairly easy task that can be completed quickly, making it easy to squeeze in a few zones (if not all) every day.

Nuia Continent Hunting Request Zones
 Number of hunting requests per zone
Cinderstone Moor2
Karkasse Ridgelands5
Haranya Continent Hunting Request Zones
Rookborne Basin2
Perinoor Ruins1
Total for all zones29

Blue Salt Brotherhood Quests

Blue Salt Brotherhood Quests have two icon notifiers, the flower icon, and purple exclamation marks. Blue salt main quests, the important quests that give donkeys and farms will be flower icons, the rest are exclamations even though it’s a blue salt merchant giving it. Repeatable quests will be purple exclamation points. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the first time you accept the quest it is a yellow exclamation mark. Every time after is purple. Blue Salt daily quests are found in major cities.

Nuia side, the quests NPCs are located in Cinderstone Moore and Marianople.


  1. A Rare Perfume
  2. Guerilla Marketing
  3. Raising a Wild Elk
  4. Raising a Wild Horse
  5. Roadsend in Danger

Haranya side the quest NPCs are located in Solis Headlands, Ynystere, and Villanelle.


  1. A Rare Perfume
  2. Guerilla Marketing
  3. Raising a Malfunctioning Leomorph
  4. Raising a Wild Snowlion
  5. Signs of the Salphira Cult

World Bosses

This one is pretty straight forward. All world bosses will reward a Gilda Star for defeating it. If there is a large group of people, make sure you are in the raid. The raid that either, 1. Hits it first, or 2. Does the most damage, will be the party that gets credit. A system I am not a fan of personally, but I’ve learned to accept it. World bosses spawn on a countdown timer after being defeated. Each one is different. Crimson Rift world boss challenges spawn at specific times throughout the day. The exact time can be found in the daily schedule HUD under the events tab.

Mentor Dungeon Quests

These quests will be located near the dungeon entrance. For Haranya these quests can be found outside Hadir Farm and the Palace Cellar. On the Nuia side, Sharpwind Mines and the Burnt Castle. The quest is determined by your personal level. Mentor quest will reward 3 Gildas, and the mentee will only give 1 Gilda. Dungeons require the player to be a minimum level to participate, and a max of 5 players (full party). If you are a lower level, dungeons are a good chunk of experience, especially if you can find a group of higher levels that are willing to carry you through the dungeon.

Haranya Continent

  • Hadir Farm: Mentor level 40+. Mentee level 30-39
  • Palace Cellar: Mentor level 30+. Mentee level 19-29

Nuia Continent

  • Burnt Castle: Mentor level 40+. Mentee level 30-39
  • Sharpwind Mines: Mentor level 30+. Mentee level 19-29

Naval Quests

Killing ghost ships, visiting the Sea of Graves, killing sea bugs and jellyfish are all ways to earn Gilda Stars at sea. For those who enjoy the open ocean, or the pirate lifestyle these quests are just a dock away. Visit the NPCs at the docks in Cinderstone Moor, Ynystere or Diamond Shores to pick up the Naval dailies. The quests that require killing ghost ships can only be accomplished if you have a combat-ready boat. AKA a boat with cannons.  

Trade Quests

If you own a house on either continent, you qualify for a daily trade quest. This quest requires you to create a Local Specialty trade pack. It doesn’t require you to turn it in, but the quest end NPC is the specialty merchant so you might as well turn in it in if you made the journey. This quest rewards 500 vocation badges, a blue salt bond, and a Gilda Star. Plus, the gold you earn from turning in a pack. Making this daily a good option if you have limited time to play.

Farmers Workstation & Thatched Farmhouse

Both structures provide players with daily quests that reward Gilda Stars. These quests require a home as well as the Farmers Workstation (crafted from your Scarecrow Garden 8×8). Farmers Workstation daily requires crafting a meal. Once crafted the meal will unlock the quest. Once the quest is completed you receive gold, vocation badges, and a Gilda Star.

The Farmhouse quests are a similar idea, you must first own a farmhouse. The quests consist of collecting, or farming an item, and turning them into a Daru Auctioneer. Each daily will reward 1 Gilda Star, 500 vocation badges and some gold.

Guild Missions

Guild members have two opportunities to earn some Gilda Stars. Reinforcing the Ramparts, and building the Alliance Bridge are both guild activities that reward Gilda Stars. These quests are dailies that can be completed in Diamond Shores.


Completing each achievement will reward 1 Gilda Star. Some are easy, “use a health recovery potion” and some are tougher, “kill the Kraken”. There is a total of 196 achievements, so that’s 196 Gilda Stars waiting to be claimed.

Collection achievements are an easy way to snag a quick Gilda. A good example of this is purchasing each mount and raising it to maturity. Each set will reward a Gilda. The same applies for battle pets. You don’t have to keep everything, toss the extras after you unlock the achievement.

Hopefully, this helps you on your quest to find Gilda Stars! Some of these are super easy, while others rely on difficult prerequisites to achieve. If you are just starting out and have the gold, I’d say go for the hunting quests when possible and make sure to get those Blue Salt Dailies. You’ll have your thatched farmhouse in no time!! For more information on Archeage visit our Archeage Unchained page, we are working on creating more guides to help you along your journey.

Stuck in Archeage Unchained? Is chat being unhelpful? Can’t figure something out? Submit your question and let us figure it out for you.


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