Blanko Gem Mint Reveal

The First Blanko to Gem Mint Coming December 2021

For those of you who missed it Mythical Games, Blankos Block Party just finished up their live Twitch Stream where they discussed the future of the game and Gemming; the most anticipated feature coming to the Blankos universe.

The long-awaited feature Gem Minting was revealed along with some tidbits for the future of Blankos Block Party game play and social features.

For those who don’t know what Gemming is, let me try to sum it up for you. When Gem Minting a Blanko, you are creating a super Blanko. Gemming a Blanko will unlock new coloring as well as unique abilities and features for that Blanko. Overall improving the quality of gameplay when playing with the Gemmed Blanko.

Gem Mint Date: Sometime in December 2021

Blanko: ATOM.atn (view on Mythical Marketplace)

How to Gem a Blanko

Gem Minting a Blanko is a time gated activity, similar to a season and it will be available for one Blanko at a time. When Gemming opens up, you will have three months to achieve the Gem Mint. There are two stages in this process; Minting and Gem Minting. Here is a list of what you need in order to tackle the task of Gemming a Blanko in Blankos Block Party.

Step 1: You will need four of the Blankos you intend on Gemming (for example 4x ATOM.atn. This process does not currently allow you to merge two different Blankos together).

Step 2: Level up all four Blankos to max level: Excellent level 15.

Step 3: Combine two of the Excellent level 15 Blankos together during the event. This process is called Minting.

Step 4: Repeat step 3. So now you should have two Minted Blankos.

Step 5: Level up BOTH Minted Blankos to max level; Excellent level 15.

Step 6: Complete the Gem Mint by combining the two Minted Excellent level 15 Blankos to create your Gem Mint.

Get Started Now!

Alright, now that you know the process I recommend you start now! Work on those initial four Blankos you intend on merging together. Remember, you have to have the same Blanko, you cannot merge two different Blankos together. The first Blanko that will be Gemmed is going to be ATOM.atn. Meaning, if you intend on Gemming during December 2021, it will be ATOM that is eligible.

What I recommend is heading over to and buying up the number of ATOMs you need in order to complete this Gemming process. You are going to need 2 or 4 depending on if you want just the Mint, or if you want the Gem Mint. They are being swept as we speak, if you intend on Gemming, keep in mind, the longer you wait to buy your missing ATOMs the more expensive they will be (most likely).

Next, after you grab your Blankos, start earning experience. A great way to level up experience is to complete the challenges and simply play the game. This process takes an enormous amount of experience, and I would recommend getting the four base Blankos ready to go, because once you Mint them together, you will have three months to get those Minted Blankos up to max level in order to obtain the coveted Gem Mint. You know how you get those EXP boosts for completing challenges? Well, this is just me personally, but I intend on saving those up so that I can alleviate some of the grinding to get those Minted Blankos up to max level.


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