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First look at New World, the new MMO from Amazon Games Studios

New World, set to release May 26th, 2020 (subject to change) offers players an all-new blend of MMO experience brought to us by Amazon Games. New World sets the stage on the fictional island of Aeternum, players will explore, battle and uncover the secrets the land has to offer.

What we know so far

  • Buy to play (no subscription)
  • Open World MMO w/ 1000 players per server
  • Action Combat (not tab-target)
  • PC Exclusive (preorder available through Steam or through Amazon)
  • No Class System
  • Weapons & Gear
  • Skill Trees and gear leveling systems
  • PVE & PVP
  • Settlements & Territory (own land and join a settlement)
  • Player Driven Economy
  • War PvP (attack or defend settlement control)
  • Factions
  • Companies (guilds)
  • Optional Open World PvP
  • Questing
  • World Events
  • World Exploration
  • Survival Elements

Will there be class systems in New World?

The short answer is no. There will not be constrained classes but instead, a skill tree system allowing players to level weapons and gear freely as they choose. Tailoring gameplay to a preferred playstyle by utilizing the weapons and gear in the game as the player prefers.

From the start, players will be able to choose from three different equipable weapons. Each weapon has two skill trees; the abilities and skills associated with each line can be unlocked via questing and earning experience.

Weapons will be easily interchangeable for build preference, I can assume gear will be stated and offer perks, but there is not much information out there quite yet. If I had to guess, maybe something similar to Elder Scrolls Online minus the class-specific skill lines.


Combat itself will be Action Combat, not tab target. The most recent consensus is that the game’s combat feels satisfying and smooth. Making combat one of the best features of the game.

Attacking an enemy is highly skill-based as well. The location in which you strike a target will also impact the effect. For example; hitting the enemy in the arm has a chance to disarm them, or hitting an enemy in the leg will cripple them slowing down movement. Each action will have a reaction, every sword swing and block will impact your gameplay. The combat focuses less on memorizing combo skills, and more on being present in the battle.

Players will have to aim and strategize making for dynamic combat encounters. This will make PvP more exciting and rewarding, driving players to get to know their weapons, skill cooldowns and speed of movement. Inevitably creating a skill gap between players who understand their weapon mechanics and players who are still learning. 

If you are looking for some visuals in terms of combat, Ritchie SH from Youtube does a great job of highlighting all the new information.

Survival MMO vs Traditional MMO Qualities 

Survival or traditional MMO is currently in murky waters. Originally the game included loot drop on death and PvP throughout the entire map, which would have forced me to place this game in the Survival MMO category. But this has changed since Alpha testing. We still have housing, hunting, gathering, and crafting, but I believe this game has moved away from the survival MMO qualities and instead placed itself into the traditional MMO category.

Things like hunger and thirst have been toned down. Pre-alpha intentions were for hunger and thirst to impact the player similar to ARK gameplay. That is no longer the case, cooking has turned into food for utility buffs rather than food to satiate hunger needs.

PvP is another example of how the game has moved away from the Survival Genre. Since Alpha, the criminal system, as well as forced PvP, has been removed from the game. In removing forced PvP, the loot drop on death has also been removed. Another quality of a survival game that is no longer relevant.

Based on the current state of the game, without loot drop, without forced PvP, without hunger and thirst, force me to believe this game has moved away from being a Survival Game MMO.

PvP vs PvE

The first Open World MMO 2020 is TOTAL different now! 
– Gameplay preview of New World

Originally, the intention was heavily focused on PVP. Players had the freedom to run around and kill whomever they chose, with the repercussions of a criminal system. This is no longer the case. Alpha testing showed high-level players abusing the lower levels, making it quite unenjoyable to get started. So PVP has been modified to make playing a more enjoyable experience for all player types.

Open World PvP

PVP is now an option. Players must first join a faction and then flag themselves as Open World PvP. Players who choose to PvP can do so with others who also choose to fight. Since it is now optional, the criminal system has been completely removed from the game. Players who opt-in for PVP will be rewarded with special loot and other rewards that have yet to be uncovered.

War (PvP)

Another form of PVP is War. Players attacking settlements have the opportunity to schedule war. Each faction planning to go to war must schedule a time together, set the date and prepare their troops. War battles are 50v50. When the War begins, all other players will be pushed out of the war zone, allowing each party a fair fight.


Players who wish to only play PVE will be able to do so. Currently, there are no dungeons or instance PvE, however, New World has added more PvE experiences for players. They have added more points of interest, world bosses, and quests for players who seek out those types of experiences. In addition, players will need to hunt, gather, craft and own land which is considered to be a PvE experience.

Territory System

PVP War Game Play New World from Developer Diaries

Leaders of a settlement/territory are decided by the faction not the inhabitants of the zone. The territory is won by engaging in PVP Wars. Owning land is defined within strict zones, similar to ArcheAge. Not like Rust, or ARK, players will be constricted to housing zones.

Territories will be owned by Companies (aka guilds). Overall territories are still a mystery, but if I’m guessing the zones will slowly grow, and players will have to contribute to progress in some shape or form. When a zone is well defined, the Corrupted (NPC faction that attacks players, more information below) will make efforts to halt progress, creating world events around the settlements.

This is speculation based on various information sources. We will be able to clearly define the game once we get in there and experience it first-hand.


– Scot Lane, Game Director Developer Diary: Welcome to New World

The First Taste of Lore

So far, we know very little, but enough to start sorting out. Azoth is the key ingredient, the magical lifeblood running deep within the island. The source of power for all creatures, the reason for immortal life. This energy, this fuel if you will, is the island’s power and is utilized in some form by all of Aeternum inhabitants. From the wildlife to us the players this magical element is going to be the key ingredient to all the game has to offer.

The Ancients

The Ancients were a civilization that lived on Aeternum, these beings utilized Azoth to power their technology. The remnants of this civilization can be found through exploration and “their secrets are there for you to discover”. This direct quote from the Developer Diary: Fight The World leads me to believe that the questing storyline will uncover some history of the Ancients at some point in-game progression.

The Corrupted

These creatures are directly affected by the players. The corrupted is said to react to player progression, as we get stronger and our settlements become more defined, the corrupted will react and attack accordingly.

The Lost

These are the people who are forced to live an eternal life without a soul. The Lost are the zombie/undead creatures stuck in a half-alive half-dead state.

The Angry Earth

These creatures are created by the island itself. They are said to be the islands’ natural defense system created by Aeternum to fight the “infection” (us the players) that have inhabited the island.

Questions and Answers

Below I have attempted to accurately sum up the information from the Developer Diary Series 4: Community Q&A (video below). I did not quote word for word, nor did I add every question, I only regurgitated the questions and answers I felt the majority of players would want to know.

How has New World Brought more PVE elements to the game?

More poi, more density, complexity, the scale of difficulty throughout different land zones, more loot and rewards for PVE … now heading into a more PVE focused game

What about PvP has changed in New World since alpha testing?

  • Originally the focus was to be aimed toward PvP, but there needs to be a balance for high level and low-level/new players to keep higher levels from grieving…So, a faction and opt-in system have been added
  • Players join a faction first, then flag themselves as PvP players. Anyone who opts in can engage in open-world PVP
  • Added a more dynamic War system, added more siege and defense to make it more fun
  • Players who want to solely focus on PvE will be able to completely opt-out of engaging in PvP activities

Will all loot drop on death?  

  • No more loot drops on death

Incentives for flagging yourself as PvP?

  • The player winning the battle wins awards, but not the dead players loot. Bonuses for being flagged as PVP
  • No more criminal system

Territory system?

Territory control will require PVP to claim and conquer the land

Will there be PvE instance dungeons and raids?

None currently, right now the focus is in the open world, large bosses, etc.


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