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Getting the Wish Ender Bow in 2021 [Bugged Quest]

Although the Wish Ender quest is old, I felt the need to write about it because it seems to be a bugged quest that is quite a struggle to work around. Since it was such a trial and error struggle, I wanted to share our discoveries with you guys.

In this guide we will be comparing the two-year-old quest and how it compares to what we had to do to complete it and receive the bow in 2020. Also, I will be using [we] instead of “I” in this discussion because I figured this out with Drecks (another writer here at MMO Scoop) so it felt wrong to simply say I found, because it really was a team effort.

Some pre-thoughts before I jump in… I think the issue with the quest being buggy is because the Talisman originally was designed to unlock the Dreaming City. I did not start playing until a few months ago (early 2020) so I did not experience grand reveal. The Dreaming City was unlocked from day one for me so this might have something to do with the issues we encountered.

So, it begs the question; did it bug the system because we already had access to the Dreaming City? Or is it something else that caused the problems? Again, I am not completely sure why we had so many issues getting this bow, I simply wanted to share our struggles and hopefully help you out in completing this quest and receiving the Wish Ender Bow.

It is a beautiful exotic and rumor has it will be beneficial in the new Beyond Light content release because the bow highlights targets (even behind walls) making it useful in the snowstorms coming with Europa.

inside of wish ender bow destiny 2

Step 1: Acquire the Broken Awoken Talisman (Complete Forsaken Campaign)

Okay, so first we completed the Forsaken Campaign. Once the campaign was complete we were rewarded with a broken talisman that needed to be pieced together and cleansed.

Here is a quick summary of these steps, if you want a full guide, Shack News has a more in-depth Broken Awoken Talisman Quest Guide.

  1. Talk to Petra after completing the Forsaken campaign to receive the [Broken Awoken Talisman]
  2. Put the Talisman back together by completing three specific lost sectors in Tangled Shore
    • Shipyard AWO-43 [an old Corsair hideout] Jetsam of Saturn
    • The Empty Tank [in the heart of Spider’s web] Thieves Landing
    • The Trapper’s Cave [in a rare green place] Four Horn Gulch
  3. Mend the Awoken Talisman
    • Imbue the talisman with Darkness by killing Taken enemies
  4. Charge the Talisman
    • Help the Talisman absorb the Darkness by completing the public event Ether Harvest on Tangled Shore in Four-Horn Gulch (make sure to tag all three Chieftains)
  5. Return to Spider to “receive” the Balanced Awoken Talisman

This is where things get dicey. First off, while in the Four-Horn Gulch we stumbled upon a quest titled in question marks… Literally [????] we decided to return to Spider to get the talisman before entering this quest just to finish it quick before we moved onto anything else. At the time we did not know this ??? quest was the next step to the Wish Ender Bow. Luckily we completed it because it is a critical step to obtaining the bow… but we will get into that further into this discussion.

Bug 1: Did not Receive the Balanced Talisman for completing the Broken Talisman Quest Chain

Okay, so we went back to Spider to get the Talisman… We made sure to have space in our inventory because all guides say we will receive an item “Balanced Awoken Talisman”. Well, this was the first bug. We completed the quest, spoke to Spider and at the end of it all… The quest disappeared, no talisman nothing.

Since the quest had disappeared, we made the assumption that we must have completed it because if we didn’t it would still be there in our quest inventory. We also had already picked up the “Present Talisman to Awoken Warrior” from Petra so we thought this might have something to do with the issue. Maybe if we didn’t grab the abandoned quest this would be where the game would naturally present the next step (hand over the Talisman to Awoken Warrior).

So we continued on our journey back to the [???] quest. Drecks was positive that it was the next step in obtaining the Wish Ender Bow simply because it appeared out of nowhere while we were working on the Talisman but I wasn’t convinced quite yet. I don’t spend much time in Tangled Shore so I thought it might had been something I simply missed. But Drecks insisted that it was related to the Wish Ender Bow so we went ahead and entered the quest.

Step 2: Complete the [????] Quest in Four Horn Gulch (Tangled Shore)

This mysterious quest unlocked some story, and ultimately the entrance into the Dreaming City. When the quest ended we were given three Dreaming Tokens. Each token was its own quest and is associated with a boss’s name.

  • The Dreaming Token of Erviks
  • The Dreaming Token of Querim
  • The Dreaming Token of Xavoth

The quest items themselves don’t offer much insight so we began Googling. We discovered these three Tokens need to be “Woken”. This is done inside the Shattered Throne Dungeon. (more on this after step 3).

Step 3: Grab the Present Talisman Quest from Petra

If you have not acquired this “Present Talisman to Awoken Warrior” either from the previous quest or by speaking with Petra go get it now. It will be in Petra’s inventory under abandoned quests.

Many guides say that you have to first defeat the Shattered Throne to even see this quest. This is not something I can confirm nor deny since I did complete the Shattered Throne before deciding to complete the Wish Ender Bow quest. I honestly can’t remember if it was always available to me or if it appeared after completing the Shattered Throne.

If you do not see the “Present Talisman” quest in Petra’s abandoned quests, and you did not receive it after repairing the Broken Talisman go ahead and defeat the Shattered Throne then go get this quest. It might even appear to you after you complete the Shattered Throne for the first time. Like I said I really don’t remember how I originally acquired this quest.

Step 4: Cleanse Dreaming Tokens inside Shattered Throne Dungeon

To awaken the Tokens, you need to activate three hidden mini-boss fights inside the Shattered Throne. To do so, you have to find and return a hidden relic and return the relic to a statue.

I preferred video explanations over written descriptions, so instead of trying to explain each coin here are the videos we found to be most helpful.

Dreaming Token of Querim

First you will be waking the token of Querim. This step happens in the very first encounter of the dungeon. It requires finding and returning one relic found on the tippy tops of the towers. The boss Querim will spawn in the same location where you return the relic to the statue.

Dreaming Token of Eriviks

Second, you will be waking the Token of Eriviks. This is a two relic process. You need to find and return a relic in the ogre/beam balancing room AND you will have to grab a relic in the slow room where you are being chased by taken. Erivik spawns in a different area than where both relics are returned. He will be in a special room that only opens after returning these relics. The video will show you where both the relics are located/returned and where the boss spawns.

Dreaming Token of Xavoth

Thirdly, and finally, wake the Token of Xavoth in the first boss fight with the giant ogre and the witches. You will have to get to the burn phase of this boss battle for the relic to spawn, once it spawns you take the relic to the statue, and Xavoth will spawn. He will spawn in this same room where the boss battle is. Kill Xavoth before killing the ogre. We had to sacrifice a burn phase to do this.

Step 5: Speak to Statue to Receive Wish Ender Bow

Once you destroy this boss exit the room and find the statue in the center of the next room surrounded by three bowls. These bowls after cleansing the tokens will have a glowing orb hovering in each bowl.


We made this unfortunate mistake which bugged the statue and forced us to repeat the Shattered Throne dungeon up until this point a second time. If you made this mistake don’t worry you don’t have to repeat the relics, you just have to get back to this statue in a fresh instance (one where you didn’t tough the statue).

For us, the accept reward prompt became available around the back left side of the statue if your looking at her from the front side. Follow around the left side of her body and hover your cursor around until you see the prompt appear. This is one of those experiences I wish I recorded because we had such a crazy time trying to make this statue give us our Wish Ender Bow. The pictures we have for you are unfortunately after math photos. I am sorry I don’t have a picture of the reward prompt.

List of Bugs We Encountered in Wish Ender Quest Chain

We hope you found this helpful! This quest was one of those ring-around-the-rosy quests that was quite a head ache when nothing seemed to work as intended.

  1. We did not receive a Balanced Talisman after completing the broken talisman quest
  2. The statue did not function as intended. We had to walk around to the back of her in order to receive the Wish Ender Bow after completing all the Woken Token Challenges
  3. After all the effort the “Present Talisman to Awoken Warrior” is still in my inventory. Receiving the bow did not count this quest as completed

Based on everything I’ve read online by other fellow players who have encountered this problem, it is safe to delete the “Present Talisman” quest once you have the bow so that is what I did. Honestly, I’m just happy that after all the issues the quest still functions enough to reward the Wish Ender Bow. It is a fantastic exotic that everyone should have.  


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