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Why Guild Wars 2 Mounts Change the Game

Guild Wars 2 mounts are truly one of a kind, unique experience. Each mount has a special utility that compliments their environment and reflects the mount itself. This is unlike mounts in every other MMO because they are more than a vehicle in which you travel from point A to point B. We recommend you take the time to get every single mount in GW2 for the full utility experience. Using the mounts in Guild Wars 2 overall will make your game play experience a more enjoyable one.

Side Note: In order to acquire these unique mounts, you will have to purchase the GW2 Path of Fire expansion. Purchasing Path of Fire also unlocks the Heart of Thorns Expansion. Heart of Thorns unlocks gliding and more ways to farm amalgamated gemstones which are essential in crafting the generation 2 legendries. Let’s get back to why we are all here, the exotic mounts only found in Guild Wars 2. These mounts are earned in a specific order, and I will dictate the order when explaining each mount.

The Raptor Mount

Storm Ridge Skin

The Raptor mount is unlocked in Crystal Oasis during the first story segment in the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion. The Raptor mount is a large dinosaur-like reptile that is capable of jumping large distances horizontally.

The Raptor is first on the list because, well frankly, it’s the first mount you will be able to get your hands on. Each mount is tied to a piece of story as well as a new zone unlocked with Path of Fire (PoF). Simply begin the main story quest for Path of Fire and the Raptor will be handed to you.

This Raptor mount is special in that he can horizontally leap great distances. His purpose is to clear large gaps of land while traversing the new maps unlocked in PoF. When you first unlock this docile reptile, he can only jump about half the distance he is fully capable of jumping. Level up the Raptor Mastery Line in order to completely max out the distance in which he can jump.

The Springer Mount

Kourna Jackrabbit Skin

True to its name, the Springer mount in Guild Wars 2 is a large cuddly bunny that can (spring) vertically jump higher than any other mount in the game. His purpose is to reach heights no other mount can reach by simply charging up, and jumping.

This mount will be the second mount available to unlock, but you will first have to max out the Raptors jumping distance. This is necessary because to unlock the Springer you have to travel to Highjump Ranch in the northern portion of Desert Highlands (the second zone to be unlocked with Path of Fire story line). Complete the Heart Quest to gain access to this cuddly companion.

In order to reach Highjump Ranch, you will have to jump over a large canyon. This is the only way to reach this location without any of the other mounts. Also, the Raptor will need his full jumping capabilities, so take the time to level your Raptor’s Masteries before attempting to acquire the Springer.  

The Skimmer Mount

Branded Skin

Travel by hovering above water and dangerous terrain with the Skimmer in Guild Wars 2. The Skimmer mount looks similar to a stingray, and has the capabilities of safely traveling over any surface by gracefully hovering over it; water, quicksand and other hazardous terrain.

This mount is found in Skimmer Ranch in the center of Elon Riverlands. To reach the Heart quest in Skimmer Ranch, you will need the maxed-out Raptor jump (Canyon Jumping). This is because Skimmer Ranch is surrounded by quicksand. Stepping into quicksand in GW2 will kill you rapidly, its nearly impossible to escape. Once you have the Skimmer unlocked you will be able to use the Skimmer to safely glide over the deadly quicksand.

UPDATE: The Skimmer is evolving to underwater maneuverability. With the August 25th 2020 update, players who have access to the Skimmer will be able to unlock this new feature via the Skimming the Depths mastery line.

The Jackal Mount

Branded Skin

Skip through the air in a dash of sand by unlocking the Jackal Mount in Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire. The Jackal mount is a large wolf imbued with runes that give him the ability to dash-jump up to three times in the air. This dash-jump converts you and your Jackal into a poof of sand making it capable for you to travel through special Sand Portals positioned throughout the Path of Fire zones.

To acquire the Jackal Mount head over to The Desolation, go far south to Sand Jackal Run and climb the magical, rotating stairs up to the Djinn Enclave. Complete the Heart quest to unlock the Jackal. In addition, you will need the Skimmer to traverse the sulfurous toxic lands of The Desolation zone in order to safely make it to this location.

The Griffon Mount

Fire Pinion

The Griffon, is a large bird-like creature and was the first flying mount added to Guild Wars 2. It is a secret quest unlocked after completing the full Path of Fire story missions. I would describe the Griffon as an infinite gliding mount. From great heights you can dive and maneuver yourself to either glide faster or lift yourself high into the air based on the speed achieved in the initial dive.

The secret mount, known as the Griffon Mount is unlocked only by first completing the full Path of Fire story missions as well as discovering the secret location of the Last Spearmarshal. Discovering his remains will unlock the achievement track for the Griffon as well as provide you with a teleportation device to return to this griffon sanctuary. Dulfy has a really great guide on all the achievements required to unlock the Griffon mount for those who don’t want to travel around aimlessly trying to discover the secrets.

The Warclaw Mount

No Skin Applied

Trained for battle, the Warclaw mount in Guild Wars 2 is a mount specific to World vs World. This mount has a battle attack, a jump dash and fast running speeds mainly used for traveling in the large battle zone maps.

This mount was created in order to tie in mounts with World vs World zones. It is void of any utility that could make for unfair gameplay when sieging castles. The Warclaw’s sole purpose is for running around the maps faster than you could walk your character.

The Roller Beetle Mount

Starshell Skin

For players that love speed, the Roller Beetle mount is the fastest mount available in Guild Wars 2. This beetle is unique in that you have to charge its speed, as you roll you generate the stamina bar, for max speed wait until it is completely full.

This mount is made for traveling fast. In addition, you can take your beetle out and participate in racing events to earn new rewards. To unlock the beetle, you have to have access to Living World, Season 4 Episode 3. Complete the Forearmed is Forewarned story and then participate in a series of achievement lines to gain access to this speed demon.

The Skyscale Mount

Shimmerwing Skyscale Skin

The Skyscale mount is true to its name. This dragon is the only mount in GW2 that can actually fly. From a seated position, the Skyscale mount in Guild Wars 2 can take off and climb heights that were previously only possible by the jump of the Springer. Earning this mount is tedious and time-gated, so buckle in, you’re in for a ride but trust me it’s absolutely worth it.

To get your journey started you will have to complete Living World Season 4, episode 6 (War Eternal). After doing so, you will receive mail from Gorrik asking you to meet him. Once you do this he will send you out on a series of collection adventures in order to hatch your very own Skyscale. When I say hatch, I mean literally, you will have to collect eggs then bring them back to warm, hatch and then feed your baby for days.

Once you have completed the train of achievements you have your very own dragon to ride around the world of Tyria. You can take him into any map except for PvP zones. Although the grind feels long, it went by surprisingly quick, and now I can’t imagine playing without my Skyscale. It has truly changed the way I traverse the zones, and I just can’t imagine Guild Wars 2 without this amazing mount.

All Guild Wars 2 mounts offer the players different utilities that make traveling around the zones a more enjoyable experience.

As you can see, all the mounts are wonderful and offer something unique to its rider. Each mount has a purpose, and do more than help you travel from point A to point B. It is amazing to see an MMO revolutionize how mounts are thought of in a massively multiplayer online open world space. I’d recommend earning all of them simply because you never know when you will need a specific utility while out and about. If I had to choose my favorite, its cliché but, the Skyscale simple because I love flying… who doesn’t love flying?!


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