GW2 Shadow in the Ice is Live

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Shadow in the Ice is the most recent update for the Guild Wars 2 Living World Season; The Icebrood Saga.

Join up with Braham to find out what happened to Rytlock and Crecia. This new chapter in the IceBrood Saga offers more story to uncover, secrets of Jormag, and the second half of the new map Bjora Marches.

In addition, this chapter, Shadow in the Ice unlocks a new strike mission, the Drakkar world event, a new raven attunement mastery tiers, and new rewards.

This Living World Saga is available for those who have purchased the Path of Fire Expansion. To get the episode free, login asap, before the next episode is released. Living world episodes are only free while the event is going on. For those who miss the event, you will have to purchase the episode with Gems.

For more information on the Shadow in the Ice, click that link for the official Guild Wars 2 article. To purchase Guild Wars 2, visit the official Guild Wars 2 Store. Now until February 6th, get Path of Fire for 33% off. When purchasing Path of Fire, you receive Heart of Thorns free.

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