Hawk Moon Exotic Feather Locations [Destiny 2]

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The “As The Crow Flies” quest is the first step in the Hawk Moon Hand Cannon Exotic quest line. Here are some photos of each feather and where to find them out in the world of Destiny 2.

Feather 1

The first feather is just outside of Spider’s lair. Run back through the entrance and look to your left, it’s right there on a box.

Feather 2

The first feather can be found in the EDZ. Travel to The Sludge waypoint. Run out into the center-ish of this location. It will be up on an open building platform with a broken roof.

Feather 3

The second feather is found in the Cosmodrome. It is right behind the spawn point behind Shawn. Load into The Steppes and work your way up the building to the front ledge.

Feather 4

The third feather is found in the Dreaming City. Spawn in at Divalian Mists, this feather is in Divalian Mists right at the large archway doors that lead you through the building to Blind Well.

Don’t travel through the archways, instead, look to the left of the entrance archway. This feather is laying right there on a little ledge.

Feather 5

The fifth feather is located on the Moon. Spawn into Sanctuary waypoint and drive to Archer’s line you will be heading down into the tunnels, through Hall of Wisdom, and into Shrine of Oryx.

You will find the feather on the ground behind the large building structure inside the Shrine of Oryx location. (This location is where Crow saves Osiris if that helps you find it easier).

The final step in this quest is to return to Crow where he speaks to you and gives you the next step in earning the Hawk Moon Exotic, Let Loose Thy Talons.

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