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How to Find and Use Ancient Fabricators to make Tablets in Last Oasis

If you’re trying to craft top-tiered items, weapons, buildings, Walkers or gadgets you’ve probably seen the tier above Fragments, these are called Tablets. Tablets, in simpleton terms, are crafted Fragments. Don’t worry, Tablets are not as hard to come by as they seem. I would say they are semi-difficult to earn because they require some planning in order to make them.

Tablets are much easier to craft if you have a large group of friends, although, you can still earn them if you are in a smaller group. Let’s discuss how to find Ancient Fabricators and the materials required to craft a Tablet.

How to Find an Ancient Fabricator in Last Oasis

The first step is to travel to a “Hard” zone. Ancient Fabricators can not be crafted, but instead, they spawn in hard zones. Once you’ve traveled to a hard zone you’ll have to find an Ancient Fabricator spawn.

Sail around the land until you see rubble-like stone walls surrounding a wooden machine. The machine in the center of the stone walls is the Ancient Fabricator. There are two types of fabricators, single-use, and multi-use or rather large and small.

Single-use Ancient Fabricators will be smaller and can only be used once. The difference between the large and small fabricators is that after the first attempt of crafting a tablet, it is essentially broken. I say “attempt” because fabricators do not guarantee a successful crafting experience, it can fail. If the Tablet craft is successful, a small Ancient Fabricator can produce up to 3 Tablets per one crafting attempt. This is extremely rare, but it can happen.

As far as the small Ancient Fabricator spawns are concerned… I am 98% positive that single-use Ancient Fabricators spawn and disappear similar to Rupu camps. Once they are rendered useless, it disappears after a period of time and another one pops up in a different location.

The larger Ancient Fabricators can be activated more than once. Attempting to craft a Tablet will not break these machines. Thus, making the larger machines a highly contested PvP location for larger clans. Clans tend to set up shop around these large Ancient Fabricators and they will defend it as they want to be the only ones in the zone to have access to Tablets.

A bi-product of using Ancient Fabricators will be shattered fragments that can be recrafted into a full fragment by combining glass with shattered fragments. Glass can be found in Rupu camps or crafted in the Advanced Furnace. The Advanced Furnace is unlocked with 25 Tablets in the Tech Skill Tree.

How to craft Tablets in the Ancient Fabricator

The resources required for crafting Tablets are; Fragments and Torque. This seems simple enough, right? (Wrong!) A successful craft is not guaranteed and the more Torque and Fragments, the higher the probability for a successful Tablet craft. The best bet is to put in max resources for both to increase your likeliness of success.

For the smaller, single-use Ancient Fabricators, it is recommended that you craft with 100 Fragments and 400 Torque. For the larger, multi-use Ancient Fabricators, it is recommended that you use 100 Fragments and 1000 Torque, this combination SHOULD produce a 100% success rate for crafting a Tablet in the larger, multi-use Ancient Fabricators.  

TIP: Don’t “Turn On” the Ancient Fabricator until both resources (fragments and torque) are in the machine. Once it has started it cannot be stopped and the number of resources affect the probability outcome of Tablet crafting success.


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