How to Play Last Oasis the New Survival MMO

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Excited for Last Oasis yet?! We thought so. The big question on your mind is; what platform can you play Last Oasis on? It is currently March 29th, 2020, so if you are reading this in the future things may have changed. But as of right now, Last Oasis is only available for early access through Steam, PC only (Microsoft Windows) sorry Mac users.

Last Oasis, in short, is a nomadic, land ship, pirating, survival MMO that keeps players moving between oases in order to gather resources and survive in an apocalyptic desert land ravaged by the sun. Mobile Bases, known as Walkers allow players to travel between oases, as well as offer character and loot protection while offline.

Price of Last Oasis

The cost of Last Oasis is $30 at full price. The game is in early access so this price point may change when it officially releases. However, you can receive 17% off if you purchase before April 2nd, 2020.

Is Last Oasis available for Console?

As of right now, Last Oasis is not available for console players. Last Oasis is not available for Xbox or Play Station 4 (PS4). This could change when the game exits early access, but as of right now there is no information as to whether or not this game will be cross-platform.

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