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How to Tame a Bloodstalker in Ark Genesis

The new Bloodstalker creature is a fantastic utility mount found in the Bog Biome. It makes traversing the zones faster and more efficient. It appears to be the community favorite amongst the new mounts. For those who want to dash through the air one of these awesome new mounts, here is a step by step guide on how to catch these creepy crawlers.

Information on Taming a Bloodstalker in Ark

If you could take a guess at what a spider needs for taming what would you guess? Yup… Blood bags. These blood bags are created by using the Blood Extraction Syringe on yourself or on a knocked out human body. Keep them in the refrigerator or preserving bin for maximum shelf life.

When you have enough bags, prepare for the tame. Craft yourself some parachutes in the event the Bloodstalker drops you. Bring a torch to protect from insect Swarms. Craft some armor and weapons to get to the spawn point safely. Once you’re packed and ready to go grab that blood.

I find quite a bit of them in the SE / E regions of Bog. Get to the zones and wander around, they will find you. They like to lurk up high in the trees, or on the edge of cliff ledges. When the Bloodstalker targets you, he pulls you up to him, don’t fight it. You want him to grab you and attempt to feed. Once he begins feeding, he will be drawing blood from your inventory instead of your body.

The tricky part is making sure you have enough blood bags for the tame. If you run out of bags before he is successfully tamed it will eat you. Don’t let that happen! In the video below, ShellGaming tames a Bloodstalker and it takes her 485 blood bags for a successful tame. Watch her video below to see how the process works, and all the fun things you can do the Bloodstalker once it’s tamed. Happy taming!

Steps to getting a Bloodstalker:

  1. Gather Blood Bags via the Blood Extraction Syringe (extracting from Human bodies)
  2. Store blood in preserving bin or refrigerator until ready to use
  3. The number of bags needed is determined by the Bloodstalkers level & tame timer on your server
  4. Craft parachutes, torches, armor and anything else you need to travel throughout the Bog
  5. Put the blood bags in your inventory last minute, they decay rapidly
  6. Wander around the SE / E region of Bog and wait for one to catch you
  7. Don’t struggle when your targeted, let it pull you in
  8. When it starts to feed it will pull blood out of the blood bags
  9. Contingency One: If you are running low on blood bags and see that he is far from being tamed struggle free and use the parachute to escape because he will eat you once the blood bags run dry
  10. If you get a successful tame it will instantly equip you to him

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