Legends of Runeterra [Release Date]

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If you’ve been impatiently awaiting League of Legends new online Card Game, similar to HearthStone, Legends of Runeterra, the wait is nearly over!

Today, Riot Games released a brand new video detailing more information about the game and when we can expect to play the open beta.

Starting January 24th, 2020 you will be able to play Runeterra. This will be part of the open-beta season. If you go pre-register for the game you’ll also get the Moonstruck Poro Chroma.

This game will be available on Andriod and iOS devices once it has launched. Riot also mentioned you will simply connect your League of Legends account and you’ll have access to your friend’s list and additional benefits.

Not another pay-to-win card game (hell yes!)

No more paying hundreds of dollars to compete, Riot has announced they will only be offering cosmetics that simply enhance the experience and do not affect the gameplay. This means you earn cards for free and you can buy cards with in-game currency that is earned.

What kind of paid enhancements can we expect:

  1. More “Little Legends” like the Poro you get for pre-registering
  2. Many cool looking interactive boards
  3. Corresponding soundtracks
  4. Most likely card skins (this is hype!)

The Ranking System

This will feel very similar if you have played League of Legends, you will basically grind from Iron to Masters division.

The Cards

We will have to cover this in more detail in a future post, although you can safely assume most of the Legends and Items from LoL will be adapted for Legends of Runeterra.

Final Thoughts

I will admit, I am biased towards Riot Games because I will always love the lore of League of Legends. I’ve played the game on and off for many years and to see a card game that looks so promising, well, it excites the hell out of me.

Legends of Runeterra will be one of the first major card games to focus on cosmetics and not paid card packs, which is huge! Kudos to the Riot Games team for making this call, I believe this will be the key differentiator. I am looking forward to this game, what about you?

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