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The Prismatic Recaster is back! It is by far the best way to not only roll gear, but it is super beneficial for reaching max power level for the season VIA Umbral Engrams. In addition to utilizing the Prismatic Recaster, the trick is getting as much gear as possible AKA completing multiple activities to farm loot.

These are the methods we use to boost ourselves to max power level fast. Players in Destiny 2 struggling to get their power level up should start using these tricks today to raise their power levels. These methods are what I found to be the fastest most efficient way to raise my power level in Destiny 2.

Current Season Power Caps:
Soft Cap: 1250
Powerful Cap: 1300
Pinnacle Cap: 1310

Powerful Before Pinnacles

This is obvious but it’s important. Look at your directory and find which activities award Powerful Engrams and which award Pinnacles. Make sure to do the Powerful activities first then Pinnacles to get maximum power increase up until you reach the Powerful Level Cap.

Once you hit the Powerful Cap do the reverse. Do the Pinnacles before the Powerful. I know! Sac religious… But hear me out.

Powerful rewards drop at your current power level. Pinnacles boost you higher. Once you hit Powerful Level Cap, Powerful rewards stop raising your level higher, instead, they match your current level. Therefore, once you reach the Powerful Cap, Pinnacles are the only way to raise your power level.

As for Pinnacles, you will be getting two to ten Pinnacle opportunities a week (if you participate in all activities and do the new raids). A lot of times the drops will overlap pieces you’ve already acquired for the week (two helmets for example). So now you are faced with the challenge of filling the gaps. The Powerful Engrams will drop to whatever power level you currently have, therefore; if three pinnacles knock you up one point, Powerfuls will all drop at that new power helping to raise your overall score to your highest piece of gear.

Level Multiple Characters

If you are looking to level quickly, AND have time to grind a bit create two characters. Pick your least favorite character to start with. Get all the Powerful and Pinnacle rewards, then swap characters. Bring over the highest-level weapons earned from that first grind and equip them. Your character will instantly be boosted a few levels and all the loot dropped from activities will match that boosted power level. The last character you play will become your highest power level champ simply because they are getting the advantage of starting the activities with the highest weapons possible.

All three characters will feel like a grindy process. But instead of it taking the whole season to level, you’re knocking it out in the first couple of weeks. Giving you plenty of time to enjoy all the end game content without having to struggle for levels.

Focusing Umbral Engrams

The Prismatic Recaster works by focusing Umbrals to specify which loot you’d like to receive from that Umbral PLUS in most cases it raises the light level of the Umbral to match / be higher than your current Power level. (Until you reach MAX).

Opening both focused and unfocused Umbrals is done in the Umbral Decoder, positioned right next to the Prismatic Recaster in the H.E.L.M.

picture of prismatic recaster and umbral decoder in the HELM

This Prismatic Recaster is super straight forward, previously we would have to feed it energy to upgrade it in order to unlock new Umbral types to focus. This has changed. From inside the Vendor screen, you can easily see Mini quests tied to a specific Umbral type. Completing the quest will unlock that Umbral.

If you are looking for more information on how to use the Prismatic Recaster for each season visit our Using the Prismatic Recaster guide.

Kill Wanted Enemies in Lost Sectors for Guaranteed Legendary Drops

**UPDATE** This has been patched. Wanted enemies are no longer a guaranteed legendary drop.

This may be patched at the time of reading this; however, it currently is an effective way to farm levels quickly. This method was discovered by KackisHD. Wanted Enemies drop a guaranteed Legendary Engram. The Trostland, Widow’s Walk Lost Sector in the EDZ spawns a Wanted boss. Kill him, kill all the enemies, loot the chest, rinse, and repeat. I found that on some occasions I would have to completely return to orbit to reset the drops.

Save Season Pass Gear to Bridge the Level Gaps

As you level up you will find that the gear in the season pass is leveling up with you. Don’t immediately grab it even though its super tempting. Wait until you need it. And when I say need it I mean; all your gear is at 2215 or higher except for your arms, which is stuck at 2210. This is the moment to cash in on those arms you’ve been hoarding in the season pass. They will drop higher than the 2210 giving you an opportunity to raise your light by a few levels by simply bridging that level gap.

Participate in Playlist Activities (Crucible, Gambit, Strikes)

My favorite method is currently Gambit and Crucible Survival (when I’m not hot garbage). These two activities by far drop the most gear AND it’s not something that is going to get patched. Every time you reach a new ranking you have an opportunity to earn a higher piece of gear. Pair this with the added luck of the ghost shell mods for earning an extra piece of legendary loot to maximize your loot output. I’ve seen anywhere from three to five pieces drop at the end of any given match. Sometimes with multiple pieces higher level than what I currently had equipped.

Farm Current Seasonal Activities

Every season is designed to provide you with better-leveled gear earned via the Season Pass and the current Seasonal Activities. Use these activities! That is what they are here for, that is what each season is intended for. These activities have new gear to earn, methods to focus new armor pieces for stats you desire, and much more.


My name is Natalie and I go by Noodles in most games. When I'm not grinding levels in my favorite MMOs I'm creating or crafting something for fun.

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