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Destiny 2: Why You Haven’t Reached Max Light Level

Destiny 2 Light Levels

Players in Destiny 2 struggling to get their light level up need to start using this method today to raise their light levels. It is what I found to be the fastest most efficient way to raise my light level in Destiny 2 in only 2 short months.

I am writing this guide because I wish someone had told me this sooner! As we all know Destiny 2 will be sunsetting old content to make room for new activities and planets to explore. With this deadline insight (November 10th, 2020) players are rushing not only to collect all the weapons leaving (however temporary it may be), but are also struggling to reach max light level quickly in order to participate in all the high-level content leaving.

This issue of earning light levels quickly is close and personal because I myself chose to get in on the Destiny 2 action late. I purchased this game years ago but never had time to play. So when I heard the content wipe was happening I felt it was time to jump in and get some goodies before they disappeared. What I didn’t anticipate was how fast I need to grind for light levels so that I could participate in all the raids and dungeons. So with my own personal trial and error, I found this method to be the quickest way to gain light levels fast.

The BEST way to raise your light level in Destiny 2 is to use the Prismatic Recaster to focus Umbral Engrams. In addition to focusing your Umbrals, you need to upgrade your Prismatic Recaster which is done by feeding it Twisted Energy. Your upgraded Prismatic Recaster will output higher-level focused gear. That is the short and sweet answer, but if you are still confused, let me further explain below.

What are Umbrals?

Let’s first discuss the Umbrals. If you know what Umbrals are skip this paragraph – If you don’t know this yet, Umbral Engrams, when decoded, provide purple gear with random stats and perks (both armor and weapons). The type of Umbral you have will determine which loot table it will pull from when decoding gear. Generic, unfocused Umbrals will drop from all activities and when unfocused the gear dropped from them cap at 1050 (unless you focus it in the Prismatic Recaster). Keep in mind, up until 1050 the gear dropped will match your current light level. After 1050, unless focused, the gear will remain at 1050.

Focusing Umbral Engrams for Higher Light Leveled Gear

Now, the reason you’re here, raising your light level fast before the new season Beyond Light begins. I found myself struggling to raise my level one singular point until I discovered this trick. Umbrals can be “focused” with Altered Element. When focused, Umbrals will drop loot from a specific loot pool of your choosing AS WELL AS jump up a few light levels depending on two important things.

First, your personal light level will reflect the level that the Umbral focuses too. Second, and this one is the most important, the level of your Prismatic Recaster determines how high in which these Umbrals will focus too. Does that make sense?

So basically, said in different words… Focused Umbral Engrams via your Prismatic Recaster will drop higher leveled gear dependent on both your personal light level AND the level of your Prismatic Recaster.

So, let’s put this tip into action for a moment. You’ve reached level 1055, blue gear is capped off at 1050 (only good for glimmer now), Powerful Gear matches your current level, and you need Pinnacle to drop in order to bridge the gap to your next level. Let’s say you have three 1058’s equipped, which raises your level to 1056. In theory, when focusing your Umbrals you should at minimum get gear that is focused to level 1056, if your Recaster has been appropriately upgraded, it should spit out 1057 (maybe if you’re lucky 1058) gear. Thus, allowing you to bridge the gap of light inside all other gear slots. By doing this properly you can climb 1-3 levels per week depending on which Pinnacle activities you participate in (so long as your Prismatic Recaster is leveling up at the same pace).

For me personally, I have two upgrades left in my Prismatic Recaster, therefore, even though I can force my light level to 1060, the Prismatic Recaster only focuses up to 1059. Also, an important fact, these levels I am referring to are not including the artifact level bonuses. Keep in mind, if your light level says 1060, you probably still have some levels to grow because the artifact gives you X amount of levels depending on your active participation in Destiny 2.  

Focusing Umbrals requires Altered Element. If you need more Altered Element, this Reddit Post below should provide some insight. Now if you are not sure how to upgrade your Prismatic Recaster, or having trouble locating the Prismatic Recaster, keep reading!!

How to Upgrade the Prismatic Recaster

Okay, so let’s assume you know where the Prismatic Recaster is (directions in next section if you don’t). Once inside you will see three rows of options. Option one: Umbral Affinity. Option 2: Bounties. Option 3: Rewards. We are going to focus on the first row – Umbral Affinity.

You should see two buttons, Umbral Focusing and Gifts of Light and Dark. The Umbral Focusing is where you will focus your Umbrals (obviously), the Gifts of Light and Dark is how you are going to upgrade your Prismatic Recaster (not so obvious).

Click into Gifts of Light and Dark, you will see three rows of Rankings. These become selectable every time you fill the experience bar inside the Prismatic Recaster. Raising the rank is done by feeding the Prismatic Recaster Twisted Energy. You can earn Twisted Energy from the Season Pass, doing bounties, and participating in the weekly quest “Means to an End”. Do this every week! In addition to completing the bounties, make sure to go into the Gifts of Light and Dark and select a perk so that you are getting full benefits of the Prismatic Recaster.

Where to Find the Prismatic Recaster and Umbral Decoder

First, you will need to find the Prismatic Recaster. Travel to the Annex inside the Tower (bottom left waypoint). From there, run forward into the hall, and turn right – you should see the Drifter. He will be leaning on the railing of a platform in the center of the room.

When positioned in the entryway of this room, the Drifter, will be centralized. Far-left, fleshed into the wall is the Prismatic Recaster. Slightly in front of it will be the Umbral Decoder (set in between the Prismatic Recaster and the Drifter).

If you are having trouble finding these two interactables, and the photo provided isn’t helping, follow the other players. There is almost always one or two people huddled around these two objects. Happy gaming!!