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Make Gold Fast With Fishing in Archeage Unchained

Tips and Tricks for Fishing in Archeage Unchained

For those who have not caught on to the latest gold making trend, it’s fishing. Currently, catching a single fish (while sport fishing) can net you anywhere from 4 to 40 gold per fish. Of course, this number will vary depending on where you fish and what you catch. While everyone knows the obvious, fish spawn in the ocean, a little kept secret is inland fishing. 

Within many zones there are lakes, these lakes offer specific locations where fishing spots spawn. All you need is a little chum and a fishing rod to get started fishing both on land and out on the open sea. We will be going in-depth into where to fish, how to get a fishing rod, how to get boats, and how to quickly level your fishing proficiency so that you can use a higher-tiered fishing rod thus making the fish catching experience easier and more enjoyable.

Selling fish in ArcheAge Unchained

Bait Fishing vs Sport Fishing

Bait fishing is used primarily for catching smaller fish. It is also referred to as AFK fishing because it doesn’t require any effort when catching and collecting the fish. Simply press R when your fishing rod is equipped and place the marker out in the water (it will glow blue when place-able). It only takes about 20 seconds, you either will gain a fish or the line will return. Rinse and Repeat. Bait fish are used to craft Dawn Lake Light Essence, you will need 100 of the same type of fish and 10 blue salt knives.

Sport Fishing is where the money is. This requires a bit more work than simply throwing out your R. In addition to a fishing rod, you will need a lure and some chum (two types of chum explained below). A Lure can be crafted at a Handicraft Kiln for 15 iron ingots (45 iron ore). A lure once equipped to the rod lasts for 2 hours, so don’t equip it until you find an active fishing location.

To equip the lure, right-click on it in your inventory, this will prompt a cogwheel mouse icon, making it possible to equip it to your fishing rod. Also, as a little note, make sure both the fishing rod and the lure are in your bag inventory. From my experience, I have had 0 success trying to equip the lure fishing rod while the fishing rod is equipped to my character.

When players in chat, or in raid finder refer to [fishing] [x fishing], or [fishing raid] they are referring to a sport fishing raid. These raids gather together to find fishing locations and share the burden of chumming the water. A big plus to a raid is when out at sea, the more people the less likely reds are going to try and steal your fish.

Chum vs Chum Bucket

There are two types of chum, each serves a different purpose. The Chum Bucket is specifically used to catch salt-water fish. It can be crafted at a cooking station or on a fishing boat. A chum bucket is crafted with 60 bait worms and 40 ground grain. 

Chum (without the bucket) is used for catching fresh-water fish. This applies to fishing in-land at ponds and lakes. It can be purchased from a general merchant, or from the store on a fishing boat.

Ground Chum, is a chum specific for fishing around Freedich Island. It’s exact description, “used as bait for Advanced Fishing around Freedich Island.” I personally cannot attest to its usefulness, as I don’t meet the proficiency requirements. 

Flexible Rod vs Sturdy Rod

As you level your proficiency, you’re going to be upgrading your fishing rod in order to catch fish more efficiently. There will be two routes, the flexible rod or the sturdy rod. Each has slight advantages over the other. 

ArcheAge Flexible Rod vs Sturdy Rod

The Flexible Rod will hook the fish faster but does less damage when reeling in the fish. This makes bait fishing quicker and easier, decreasing the chances of not getting a fish. 

The Sturdy Rod does more damage to the fish while reeling it in. Making it the preferred choice for sport fishing. 

Fishing Locations

How to find a location to fish?

Sport Fishing is only possible in certain spawned areas. The areas will be distinctly marked with a flock of seagulls circling the area. If you have a fishing boat you can use the radar station on the boat to help with hunting for a spot. The radar appears similarly to checking where a transportation vehicle is located (pulsing circle scans the area).

Once you have located a fishing spot (seagulls should be visibly circling at this point) you have to throw Chum in the water to activate it. The type of chum will be determined by location as we previously mentioned above. 

When fishing inland, besides looking for seagulls circling, you will want to find the Fishing Stand. Since fish need to be turned in fresh, the stand won’t be far from the fishing spawn point. Turning in a fish is fairly straight-forward, the Fishing Stand offers two options, sell, or craft. Crafting the fish turns it into a trophy to place in your home. The selling option takes the fish and hangs it on the stand, weighing and paying you with an amount of gold equivalent to the size of the fish.

Fishing Quest Line

If you are looking for fishing proficiency boosts, and some assistance in crafting a fishing rod, you will want to find “The Joys of Fishing” Questline.

On Haranya, the quest giver is Fisherman Riko. He is located in Ynystere, Caernord, on the ocean’s edge of the middle-connected island.

On Nuia, the quest giver is Fisherman Santiago. He is located in Cinderstone Moor, Seachild Wharf, along the coastal line.

These quests provide multiple fishing benefits. They give bait worms, Discriminating Tastes Title, lures, and boots. The Title “Discriminating Tastes” gives the buff +1,000 proficiency. The boots, “Treaded Wellingtons” give you +500 fishing proficiency when equipped. It is important to have more proficiency because you will eventually want to upgrade your fishing rod.

The basic fishing rod is fine.. but it takes 3-5 minutes to catch a fish with the basic, and that is a lot of time sitting in limbo in the middle of the Arcadian Sea war zone. You will, at a minimum, want to get the second tier fishing rod. The Novice’s Sturdy Fishing Rod. It just about cuts the catch time in half, but you will need 10,000 proficiency to craft AND use it.

The boots and the title give you +1,500 extra proficiency, but you’re going to need +8,500 more. Now you can spend all your time earning it, or you can get ahold of some more gear that provides proficiency buffs.

Dewy Dawnsdrop Boots

I would highly recommend finishing the core Blue Salt Brotherhood questline. This questline is found in Solisa, Halcyona. Look for the green flower icon above the quest giver. This questline, when fully completed, gives you a full set of Dawnsdrop Gear (this quest chain also walks you through building a farm wagon and basically gives you all the pieces, so check your blue salt quests, you may already be halfway done).

The Dawnsdrop Gear can also be purchased from the Vocation Shop but is extremely expensive. Each piece will provide you a baseline of +5,000 proficiency for all the different proficiencies. Fishing specifically is buffed when equipping the Dawnsdrop Boots.

Now, the boots, plus the quest buffs bring your proficiency up to.. + 6,500. By now, you most likely have done some fishing at minimum for the quest, but you’re still shy of 10,000. If you don’t want to waste labor earning it, you can upgrade the Dawnsdrop Boots. The upgraded boots are called Dewy Dawnsdrop Boots. The Dewy Dawnsdrop Boots, when equipped, give the player 10,000 proficiency in fishing, metalwork, and commerce. The boots are upgraded at a Leatherworking bench. Some may argue that you could even bypass the fishing quests, and go straight for the Dewy Dawnsdrop Gear. This route does take longer, but if are looking to maximize your hours spent in-game, the Blue Salt Brotherhood Quest Line gives you more proficiency boost in the long run.

Fishing Boat

Fishing raids also aid in earning a Fishing Boat (500 Gilda Star item). The Fishing Boat is rewarded for completing the Achievement “Ocean Dominator”. This achievement requires you to collect 100 small, 100 medium, and 100 large (gargantuan) saltwater fish.

Fishing Boat in ArcheAge Unchained

If you are in a raid AND in proximity to the players in the raid, the fish they catch will also count toward your achievements. Even though you are not turning them in, if another player successfully caught and picked up their fish, it will count as a catch for you as well.

The fishing boat makes it easier for you to find fishing locations via the radar on the ship. Craft/buy chum and chum buckets via the chum bucket on the boat and allows for multiple storage placements for the fish you catch. The inner box holds 5 standard size fish, and the hooks on the back hold two Gargantuan fish.

While yes, this boat sounds appetizing, you can catch way more before you have to turn in, it does have one downside. Reds will try to destroy your boat to steal the fish.  

Fishing in the Ocean

Fishing in the ocean requires a boat, finding an active spawn (seagulls circling), chumming the water with a chum bucket, and driving the boat back to turn in the fish at a Fish Stand.

The fishing boat is what I would categorize a luxury boat, it requires a lot of expensive crafting. So, in the meantime, you will either have to hitch a ride, use a rowboat (not recommended) or get a Harpoon Clipper.

The Clipper is fairly easy to obtain for the value it brings you. It is purchased for 50 Gilda Stars on Mirage Isle, and requires; Clipper Materials (AKA 100 lumber), a Lumber Pack (100 lumber), an Iron Pack (100 iron), a Fabric pack (100 fabric), plus the labor it takes to create the boat and materials.

Clipper Boat ArcheAge Unchained
Clipper Boat ArcheAge Unchained

If you don’t want to waste Gilda Stars on a Clipper design, check the Auction House first. If you still don’t want to spend any resources, or you don’t have any resources to spend, you can always try to hitch a ride. Join up in a raid and wait for them to dock, and hopefully, they will take you back out with them.

For the most part, people are… well… kinda friendly. There is a strange sensation when a stranger gets on your boat, so I do understand the suspicious people. However, for the most part, people are generally friendly. However, they almost always will leave you behind once they catch their fish, so you will need a rowboat back up plan if you are completely stranded.

That is just advice from personal experience. When I first started fishing I had little to no gold to my name and no means of getting a clipper. I had a rowboat and my fishing rod. I joined up in a raid and about 50% of the time people were nice, the other half of the time they were trying to run me off their boat, calling me a spy and de-spawning the boat from under me and then taking off after I couldn’t catch up. Also, when trying to board the boat from the ocean, they would speed boost so I couldn’t grab on, leaving me stranded with my fish on my back. It’s pretty brutal without a boat of your own. So, personally, I would recommend in-land fishing until you get a Clipper.

Fishing Standturn in locations for fishing in the ocean:
Auroria Diamond Shores Docks at the beach on both alliance sides
Sunspeck Sea Freedich Island Center Island / bottom right corner
Cinderstone Moor Seachild Wharf
Sanddeep Golden Fable Harbor
Solzreed Peninsula Crescent Throne
Two Crowns Eznan Harbor
Ynystere Caernord
Solis Headlands Austera
Villanelle Lutesong Harbor

In-Land Fishing

In case you don’t know the secret, there are a group of non-promoting-raiders that sneak around bouncing between the lakes where secret sport fish spawns appear. I’m probably going to be kicked out of the club because I am revealing their biggest kept secret. You CAN sport fish without risking your life at sea. It is slightly less profitable.

A Gargantuan in a lake is about 7-8 gold, catching a Gargantuan at sea will just about triple that cost depending on the type of fish. But, fishing without risk of reds swarming to steal your hard-earned finds, and eliminating the need for a boat makes it the better choice if you’re trying to earn the gold to craft a boat.

These fishing spawns need the same requirements as Sport Fish. Chum and an active spot AKA circling seagulls. 

Fishing Stand Locations
Ahnimar Tadpole Head Field(Pink Pufferfish Spawn Location)
Gweonid Forest Gweonid Lake
Karkasse Ridgeland Lake Dragontear
Miroir Tundra Shattered Sea
Solzreed Peninsula Farmland
Two Crowns Godshield
Rokhala Mountains Lake across from Cloud Bridge
Silent Forest Soundless Lake
Arcum Iris Sanctia Oasis
Falcorth Plains Oxion Clan
Windscour Savannah Wildheart Lake / Skyfang


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