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Perks of Crowfall VIP Membership

Crowfall VIP is a monthly membership subscription. VIP access gives players benefits like additional character slots, priority server access, 30-day bank storage, discounts on EK (Eternal Kingdom) purchases, and the ability to train multiple class, race, and profession skills at once.

The price of VIP membership in Crowfall averages at about $15 per month. (This number may be slightly lower or higher depending on your native currency.)

The new MMO Crowfall by Artcraft introduces a campaign based, massively multiplayer online game that focuses on world domination. Currently, Crowfall is only playable to those who have purchased backer packs. For players who want extra bank storage and other various utility benefits, VIP access is available.

List of VIP Benefits

  • 30-day bank storage (vs the non-VIP 24-hour storage)
  • Discounts on EK purchases (in-game cosmetic store)
  • Priority access to servers
  • Train two class skills at once
  • Train two race skills at once
  • Train two professions at once
  • VIP frame
  • VIP badge on the forums
  • More character slots

VIP does not give access to more damage or bonus to any skills or weapon damage. Nor does it give more stats toward tankiness or increased armor and health stats. All perks are considered not pay to win because they do not impact gameplay. They instead provide additional storage and capacity to train skills simultaneously.

Which is better, VIP, or a secondary account?

A Reddit user pondered the cost of VIP per year versus the cost to purchase multiple accounts. They brought to light the cost of purchasing a secondary account may be financially the better option because after 5-10 months’ time you would have sunk enough money into the game to buy yourself multiple bottom tier accounts ($50 backer pack).

This is a rather large debate as many gamers can see perks to both VIP and a secondary account. Personally, I prefer to have one account with all my things and find that it is a massive time sink to maintain two accounts. Unless the goal is to purely use that second account to be storage.

For those who are unsure if they want VIP or a second account, I recommend checking out that Reddit link above, and the community forum on this matter. Both sources offer great insight on this debate from fellow gamers.

Where to Buy VIP Access

VIP access can be purchased from the Crowfall VIP Store page. In addition to VIP, you can purchase Backer packs to gain access to the game before the official launch.


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