How to Find and Craft Salt in Cryofall

Salt is fairly easy to obtain, you will just need a few ingredients. First you will need a glass bottle, and secondly, you will need access to ocean water.

Craft a Glass Bottle

Crafting glass bottles is fairly simple. I have linked the Micro-Guide for more information. But an oversimplified version would be; collect sand and ash (ash is found by cooking or smelting) then take that sand and ash and place it into the furnace. Equip the recipe within the furnace and give it fuel and done. Glass fragments are on their way.

Fill the Bottle in the Ocean

Take your crafted glass bottles (stack as many as you want) and find a body of ocean water. Walk up to the water and equip the bottles. (To equip something is to put it on your hot bar). Get as close as you can and left-click. You will see a loading symbol start to track.


nauseous buff in cryofall what it does to your pov point of view

Once the bottles are full be very careful. Don’t accidentally click (use) the saltwater bottles once the water is filled in the bottles. Consuming them will make you nauseous. (see image above) Possibly the worst effect in Cryofall because it makes your screen blur and wobble for an extended duration. It gives me motion sickness in real life… To remove the nauseous buff, you will have to craft medicine if you didn’t want to wait out the timer.

Cook the Salt Water on the Stove

salt water cryofall

Now take those filled bottles and cook them on the stove. This will return the bottle empty, and reward you with copious amounts of salt. Use the salt for many potential recipies. My biggest use for salt currently is turning my cooked meat or fish into jerky. Therefore extending its shelf life.

Finding an Ocean in Cryofall

map of where ocean is in cryofall

Oceans tend to be along the outer rim of the map. However, there are pockets of ocean water woven into the biomes. All maps are slightly different and I haven’t completely unlocked all locations in my server, but in the image above you can see how the water is forming around the edges of the map.



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