Sea of Thieves Update Gives Players the Option to Customize Character Model

It’s finally here! For all of us who didn’t like our character model, we are finally getting the opportunity to change it. Coming with the February 19th update, Rare is adding the ability to re-roll our Sea of Thieves character model.

How do I change my Sea of Thieves character model?

In order to change your character model head over to the Pirate Emporium and purchase the Pirate Appearance Potion for 149 Ancient Coins. This potion will be a singular use potion, and when using, will keep your characters progress, only effecting your Pirate appearance. Using the potion activates the pirate creation process.

For those who need a refresher, character creation consists of rolling randomly generated character models. You can select Male or Female, and then begin rolling through the options. You have 6 slots that will roll, you are able to lock in models you like, and continue to roll the models you don’t. When you find one you like, select and continue through the UI prompts. This will ultimately consume your one-time Pirate Appearance Potion. Potion purchase will be required every time you wish to change your character model.

Additional Updates Coming February 19th, 2020

In addition to the Pirate Appearance Potion, Rare has also announced a list of other updates we can expect to see in the newest update.

  • Swords are continuing to be balanced in relation to gunplay and overall playability
  • Lightning in thunderstorms will strike less often
  • Mermaids are being tweaked to be more frequent when out at sea, but less noticeable when near an enemy ship. Allowing pirates the opportunity to sneak onto ships without your mermaid giving away your strategy
  • The Special Effect ship customizations will continue to give 100% of the proceeds to charity, this month the earnings will go to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

First look at the Crews of Rage Content Release

The newest content installment will be titled the “Crews of Rage” the teaser of this content release is the “Chest of Rage”.

The Chest of Rage is a chest that will need to be taken care of similar to the Chest of Sorrows. But instead of crying tears onto your ship, the Chest of Rage, if left unattended, will boil over and explode setting your ship on fire.

The teaser released footage of the new chest being utilized in combat against skeletons, as well as against enemy ships. The explosion this chest releases will make for interesting gameplay and continues the journey of fire elements Rare introduced back in November 2019 with the SeaBound Soul Content Update.

More information on the Crews of Rage will be released sometime next week.


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