14 Secrets in the Dead Man’s Tale Presage Mission

In this article we will uncover all the locations of the hidden clues in the Presage Mission. These clues are a part of the Triumph Figments of an Answer. 

We believe these clues are similar to feathers in the Harbinger, not all are available every week to interact with, only 5. Luckily, this mission is slightly different in that we can see all the items available to interact with, but we can only interact with the active clues for a particular week. Therefore, in this article we will show all the clues we found. 

In addition have included which clues you are able to interact with in this first week of the Presage Mission being released. 

This mission is apart of the Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2. The Presage mission is located on the Tangled Shore and it unlocks the Dead Man’s Tale Scout Rifle, tied to the story of our lost Guardian Katabasis. 

If you are having trouble finding these clues, open up your ghost’s navigation menu. Anything interactive will glow bright blue. 

Hanging Cabal

The Cabal hanging upside down intertwined with the dark life growing within the Glykon ship. He is the first intractable found. 

He is in the very first room entered by shooting the spores (obtaining the Egregore Link buff) and walking through the dark portal. Go through the portal and he is right there hanging in the center of the room, walk up and interact. 

**Week 1 clue.**

Dead Exo/Robot

The second clue we found was this dead exo seated next to one of the computers. Travel past the first room, through the tunnels, up a shaft, through some more tunnels until you drop down to the next puzzle section. 

This puzzle is the area where you have to toggle levers, find spores, and jump back and fourth navigating around electric energy walls. 

This exo is in the very first room of this puzzle, near where the Corrupted Screebs spawn. There is a ramp, run up the ramp after killing the Corrupted Sreebs and the exo clue is right there. Pull out your ghost to see the glowing blue around him. 

Scorn Helmet

Next, this Scorn Helmet is hidden in a corner immediately after the room with the Dead Exo. This one easy to miss. Jump to the other side of the ship, it is in the front of the room before going through the dark portal. (When jumping across, your jumping from the room with the dead exo, the electric wall should be to your right). 

I’d say jump across and use your navigation ghost tool and just scan that room until you see it glowing. 

**Week 1 clue.**

Cabal Turret

A broken down cabal turret is the next clue on our list. It is found immediately after the Scorn Helmet. 

Solve the first room in this second puzzle section (toggle the lever to open the spore door, get the buff) jump across to the other side of the ship, and run through the dark portal. You will reach another room with Corrupted Screebs. 

Kill the Screebs, jump up into the room, and navigate yourself out the door to the ledge where you can jump across back to the other side. On that ledge, this clue will be to your left in a corner. 

Fancy Ship

This next clue is after the shrinking room, and the first large enemy battle located inside the Hangar. 

After this battle, run to the back of the Hangar, you will see a ship that looks familiar. (HHMMM?!!) We won’t spoil it for you, the audio associated leaves a lot to ponder.

**Week 1 Clue**

Transmission Tower 

The Transmission tower on the side of the ship. After the Fancy Ship look directly to the left. There is a ledge, walk out and to the right, jump across to the next ledge, turn around and look up. You will have to jump up onto the ledge next to it to interact with it. 

You will get an audio cue of a woman speaking. This is a transmission associated with this tower, although we cannot yet interact with it. Lets hope we can get some lore next week! 

Large Yellow Tablet

After the Transmission Tower, jump into the next room. You will see a war ship suspended in the middle of the room. There will be a cluster of box debris in the front left corner of the room. Hold out your ghost navigation. 

Another way to find it is to simply keep running forward after jumping into the room from the ledge, don’t run into the room. Run along the outer edge of the room toward that front corner.

Jet Pack

The Jet Pack is found in the same room as the Yellow Tablet (directly after the Transmission Tower). Run under the the war ship in the center of the room. The Jet Pack is small, tucked away under there leaning against the wall inside the dip under the ship. 

Dead Scorn

Next, we have a dead Scorn. He is in the center of the room on a table. This room is immediately after exiting the Hangar (back left corner up top to exit the Hangar) and traveling through the tunnels. 

It looks as if whoever was on this ship was running some tests on this poor Scorn. (And possibly the dead cabal we see in the very beginning of the mission). 

Concentrated Dark Ether 

The Concentrated Dark Ether are found in the room after the Dead Scorn room. These tubes are in a corner of the puzzle room that requires you to toggle a switch, open the wall, shoot the fuze to temporarily disable the electric wall and jump up into that room blocked by the wall. 

This Concentrated Dark Ether is up in the room blocked by the electric wall. Hold up your ghost and scan this upstairs area if you are having trouble finding it. 

**Week 1 Clue**


Next we have a mysterious ghost dead on the ground (Katabasis’ ghost?). No way to currently interact with it. But important to mention. I don’t think the ghost will be scannable like these other objects, but I do think it will be a part of a future quest or something. 

This ghost is found in the center of the speed challenge room, with the two spore pods, and the rotating floors. He is on a ledge tucked away behind some debris, on the far right side of the room (center/far right). Jump to the second rotating floor and jump over to the right side platform, walk to the edge and look look left on the floor. 

Cabal Flag

This next one is large. These cabal flags, and what looks like a tank with the Chosen symbol on it are in the right corner of the room with the rally banner. This is right before the final boss. Hold up your ghost and look around, it will be hard to miss. 

Calus’ Address 

This little ball of light is found hidden in a corner immediately after the boss battle. The battle ends and you are prompted forward. Go through the tunnel, and jump down. Immediately turn around after jumping down into the tunnel. There is a little wall blocking it, run to the very back of the tunnel and look over the little wall. It is hiding there in that little corner. 

**Week 1 clue.**

Calus Chalice

The last item we could find was the famous Calus Chalice. It is hiding in the room where we find our fellow guardian strung up. The cup is hiding under the first level of floor in the back of the room (across from the guardian). 


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