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Shadow Arena: Closed Beta [Giveaway]

The final closed beta of Shadow Arena starts, today April 17th, 2020. This game has been turning the heads of Battle Royale, MOBA and MMO players alike. Pearl Abyss gave us a ton of beta keys and if you’re interested all you have to do is enter your email below for a chance to win a beta key with premium goodies.

We have beta keys left, sign up for a Shadow Arena closed beta key (before they are gone).

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Bonus: Each beta key we’re giving away comes with premium items for the closed beta.

What is Shadow Arena?

Shadow Arena is an MMO-inspired battle royale game with MOBA characteristics. Like any other battle royale, you’ll be fighting to become the last man standing. Shadow Arena gives players the ability to battle for victory with insane combat and a fresh perspective. Instead of guns, 40 players will select one of the nine heroes and wield their respective abilities throughout the match in order to achieve victory. Similar to a MOBA, like League of Legends, you will have a “laning phase” in which players must scavenge and kill mobs to level up their abilities thus making their hero stronger and battle-ready.

When the match starts players enter the arena as a Black Spirit and are randomly ported to a location within the arena. The first 4 minutes of the match will be dedicated to looting and killing monsters in the world to gain experience and level up your heroes’ skills and abilities. During these four minutes, players will be able to respawn if they are killed or like we call it in the business, rekt. After the first four minutes, players begin the hunt for other heroes around the map. You can kill other players during the first four minutes, but they will just respawn, so you might want to spend your time more wisely.

How many game modes will be in Shadow Arena?

Currently, in this beta (April 17th, 2020 – April 20th, 2020) there will be two modes; Solos and Teams. Similar to all other battle royale games, but teams in Shadow Arena (IMO) will be more dynamic than any other BR games. Shadow Arena utilizes skills and hero abilities, so teams will have to strategize the best combination of heroes that offer the best chance of victory. I’m guessing terms like “tank”, “DPS”, “healers” and “support” roles will be crucial in order to effectively and efficiently take down other teams.

Shadow Arena vs Traditional Battle Royale

Shadow Arena is different in many ways, although, it’s truly unique when it comes to the combat style and more importantly the pool of skill-based heroes to choose from. You’re not going to be running around to find guns and armor plates, instead, players have to kill monsters in the arena to level skills and abilities for the hero he or she has selected. Fighting will consist of melee attacks, ranged combat, skill combos, timing skill cooldowns and much more. The combat itself will require a strategy and winning a match will feel more rewarding than your average battle royale game.

Shadow Arena Key Features

  • Solo & co-op game modes
  • Intense, unparalleled close combat
  • 9 Heroes to choose from, each with a unique fighting style and special abilities
  • A mix of both PvP and PvE experience throughout the match
  • Created by the award-winning team Pearl Abyss that brought us the MMORPG Black Desert

Get Access to the Shadow Arena Closed BETA Starting April 17th

The final round of closed beta access has reached us. North American, European and Asian servers are open during this closed beta period starting today April 17th and ending April 20th.

Final Beta for Shadow Arena

How do you get a key you ask? From us, that’s how! We have a ton of keys to give out so make sure you sign up above. Everyone who signs up will get a key until they are all redeemed, so act fast!

The keys will come with premium in-game goodies to play with during this BETA testing period. Players who gain access to this beta via one of our keys will be rewarded with a special package which includes; a matchlock, the highest-grade sealed items, and a Red Dragon Offering.


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