Swapping Between Blankos without Visiting the Shelf

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Owning a ton of Blankos with different skills is #goals. But going to the shelf every time you want to change up your play style is a waste of time! The loading time is fairly quick, but it forces you to leave your party, which comes with the stress of missing out on the next block party. Say goodbye to the loading screen and the perpetual FOMO. You can easily swap between your Blankos while in the starting area of any Block Party. 

TLDR: Press B to quickly swap between Blankos at the beginning of any Block Party, or while in the Junction.

There are a couple of caveats. First off, you have to be in the starting area of a Block Party. This is the little boxing arena where Blankos are confined within a circular walled-off area with the see-through floor. Second, you have to have the Blanko you want to use positioned on the “hot bar” inside your shelf. The hot bar inside your shelf is the very bottom row highlighted in purple. It is the base upon which your new Blankos will be stacked. 

Step 1: Prepare the Shelf Hotbar

Make sure all the Blankos you want to use are within the purple section of your shelf. You can move Blankos around on the shelf by picking them up and dragging them into place.

Step 2: Load into a Block Party

To join an activity in Blankos, press escape, and find the Party Bus. Once inside the Party Bus select an activity.

Step 3: Press B 

Load into the activity, if you are in the starting arena you will be able to press B to change Blankos. If the activity is already started you are locked in with that Blanko for the duration of the activity. If you still want to swap wait until the next activity loads, and press B while in the starting arena. Do it quickly before the activity starts!

Step 4: Select Blanko 

After pressing B you will see a short load bar, and then the Blankos on the purple portion of the shelf will appear. Select the Blanko you want to use and that’s it!

Step 5: Dominate Block Party

Nuff said.

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