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How to Fix Destiny 2 Witch Queen PC Crash

If you're having issues with Destiny 2 crashing after installing the most recent update try this quick fix to help resolve your issue.
Destiny 2 30th anniversary

Get your Free Bright Dust Gift in Destiny 2

Get your hands on some free Bright Dust right now!!

Destiny 2 is Expanding Vault Space?

Gimme vault space! I want it, I need it. I MUST HAVE IT. More vault space in Destiny 2 is coming in the near future? Lets hope so!
atheon in venus final encounter cheese

D2 Vault of Glass Atheon Boss Fight Cheese

Kill Atheon before he spawns with this new cheese discovered by the OOBer Destiny 2 community. It will be patched soon!
proving ground strike grandmaster cheese location

Cheese the Proving Ground Grandmaster Boss Fight

Easy way to defeat the Grand Master Proving Ground Strike in Destiny 2 by utilizing the map to it's fullest potential.
clovis bray destiny 2

Clovis Bray: The First Villain of His Family

Tin foil hat time! Lets dive into some lore and how it shapes what we know about Clovis Bray, his family and the answers that lie in the gear dropped from the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.
xenophage k1 lost sector code wall

Xenophage Quest in 2021 Lost Sector Walls Bugged

Fix the Lost Sector symbol code wall bug and earn yourself the best machine gun exotic weapon Xenophage in Destiny 2.

14 Secrets in the Dead Man’s Tale Presage Mission

Track down all the hidden clues in the secret Presage Mission. Spoiler Alert!! These clues reveal secrets of the missing guardian.

Using the Prismatic Recaster in Season of the Chosen [Destiny 2]

For anyone struggling here is exactly how to use the Prismatic Recaster for this current season, and seasons to come in Destiny 2.

Cursebreaker Title Bugged 2021 Destiny 2 [Update]

Legacy content from the Dreaming City is currently missing Ahamkara Bones blocking players from earning the Cursebreaker Title Seal.