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Footage of Last Oasis New Walker for Solo Players

7 Tips for Surviving as a Solo Nomad in Last Oasis

Discover your inner ninja, master mobility, and build the perfect Walker. Lets discuss seven tips for the ultimate solo survival in Last Oasis.
Dinghy Walker Last Oasis Hard Zone

The Best Walker Choice for Your Playstyle in Last Oasis

Discover the best Walker that fits your specific play style. Everything from the solo player to the pirate life we discuss which Walker is right for you.
Last Oasis Gameplay

Torque in Last Oasis Everything You Need to Know

Quick tip guide on how to use, store, and transfer Torque in Last Oasis.
Last Oasis Ancient Fabricator

How to Find and Use Ancient Fabricators to make Tablets in...

The struggle is real when it comes to making tablets in Last Oasis. We cover everything you need to know about ancient fabricators and crafting tablets.
last oasis gameplay

Last Oasis is Back Just in Time for Your Weekend

We back baby! Last Oasis is live and ready for you to download and play again. There has been a wipe to all servers giving everyone an equal opportunity to level at the same pace.
Gameplay from Last Oasis Yellow Winged Walker

Last Oasis Issues Refunds and Shuts Servers Down for 7 Days

After having one hell of a rocky launch, Last Oasis shuts down for seven days. Let's talk about why and what else they will be doing to take this matter seriously.
The service is unavailable error Lost Oasis survival MMO

Why is Last Oasis down right now? [The Truth]

If you haven't heard, the Last Oasis servers are having issues. Almost all players are experiencing server issues and Last Oasis is experiencing downtime at the moment.
Last Oasis Protect Loot While Offline

Protect Your Loot and Walkers While Offline in Last Oasis

Protect your body, loot, and Walker while offline. Last Oasis has a few ways of safely logging off. Let's discuss how to protect your loot while offline.

Get Moving in Last Oasis the New Survival MMO

Become a land pirate in the new survival MMO Last Oasis. Sail around on your Walker and outrun the elements while protecting your loot from fellow players.

Top 10 Best Survival MMOs of 2020

Feast your eyes on our list of the top survival MMO games of 2020. Some of these games have been around awhile but all of these games have recently had a major update.