Archepass is back

The ArchePass is finally Back and well…

In case you haven’t heard yet, Archepass is back, and the compensation packs are gone. This new and improved Archepass promises to be more accommodating to your usual tasks while in-game opposed to its former self.

So officially, the Archepass is structured as follows:

  1. Choose a path found by clicking the Register/Change button
    1. Basic Pass
    2. Vocation Pass
    3. Equipment Pass
    4. Combat Pass
  2. Once selected, experience gained will earn you rewards from the pass you have selected (each pass has some unique rewards which we will discuss below)
  3. Earning experience is achieved by finishing missions
  4. Three categories of missions must be unlocked with Gilda Stars or Blue Salt Hammers
    1. Blue Salt Hammers are purchased from a General Merchant (1 gold per hammer)
    2. Gilda Stars can be earned daily, for more information on different ways to earn Gilda Stars please visit our guide on The Fastest Ways to get Gilda Stars in Archeage Unchained
  5. Missions reset each week, you have the opportunity to complete 12 missions per week and you may cycle missions (change/replace an unwanted mission) up to 6 times
    1. Missions are random, and randomly cycle between different types of missions within a specific category
  6. All missions reward 2 diligence coins (no gold, no Gilda)
  7. Each path (basic, vocation, equipment & combat) have Basic and Premium reward tracks
    1. Basic reward tracks are unlocked via 5 gold
    2. Premium rewards require an Archepass Upgrade ticket.
      1. Basic Pass Premium Upgrade costs 10 gold
      2. All other pass premium tracks cost real money via credits purchased from the Marketplace

New Archepass Missions

Archepass locked daily schedule

Previously, the Archepass featured four mission categories. This has since been cut down to three. Each category has a unique type of mission, so for those who only want to participate in farming and pack running, you may want to only unlock the Vocation Master questline. Personally, I would unlock all three, it costs 15 Gilda + 2 gold, and you have more opportunities to earn the rewards.

Faction ArcheMaster Missions

Faction ArcheMaster Missions are unlocked with 5 Gilda Stars. Locked missions will be green when the week resets, missions turn blue, you will need to reactivate them. You will not have to pay the Gilda Star Fee every week. If you find that you have to re-unlock the missions submit a support ticket.

So far, I have found these missions to be the killing quests. The major change is that now when it says “kill 30 enemies” the zone is no longer relevant, but instead the level of the enemy. Generally, I have found that all killing quests have a requirement of level 30+ mobs. Meaning, it doesn’t matter where you kill these mobs, they just have to be higher than level 30.

This category is also where I have found the honor point missions. Earn 5,000 honor points, for example. It doesn’t say where or how just earning the points is the goal.

Vocation Master Missions

Vocation Master Missions are unlocked with two blue salt hammers, on a level 30+ character. I am unsure why this mission is grey, and not green like the other two. I’m guessing because it requires a different method to unlock it, but when the week resets, it acts the same as the other two. The mission turns blue and you have to select it to start the missions for the week.

These missions are all tailored for the PvE experience of Archeage. Using X amount of labor, or earning x amount of Vocation Badges, etc..  All missions will reward two diligence coins.

Battle God Missions

The Battle God Missions are unlocked with 10 Gilda Stars. As I said previously if you are running low on Gilda Stars check out the Fastest Ways to Earn Gilda Stars for some tips on getting Gilda Stars quick.

Battle God missions basically experience earning missions. So far, I have only rolled “earn 1million experience”. So, I’m guessing this final mission tier is just a way to round out the week. Everything you do will earn experience, so having this unlocked is a good way to ensure two easy diligence coins. One million experience feels like a lot, but if you are participating in daily world bosses you should complete at least one of these missions before the weekly reset.

ArchePass Rewards

Each pass offers utility rewards tailored to the type of pass, and reflect the gameplay you wish to participate in. For example; the Combat Pass rewards a special Bound Elixir of Honor that “increases Honor Points gained from the War and quests =50%”.

In addition to the Basic reward tiers, each pass offers an upgradable Premium Reward track. The premium rewards are only cosmetic items, keeping true to their promise that this new and improved Archeage Unchained has purged all the pay to play hindrances.

Below we have provided a list of the items available from each pass, this is not the full list in order, or how many of each reward available. These lists are only a list of the different utility items provided by each pass, intended to give you a top-down view of what each pass has to offer.

Basic Pass

Archepass Basic Pass

Basic Rewards 

  • Honorable Vocation Potion (Gives Vocation Badges)
  • Mysterious Hiram Infusion (Green)
  • Bound Labor Recharger
  • Honorable Victory Rank Potion (Gives Honor Points)  

Premium Rewards 

  • Gilda Stars 
  • Honorable Victory Rank Potion (Gives Honor Points) 
  • Honorable Vocation Potion (Gives Vocation Badges)

Basic Final Reward: Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 4 (1,500 Vocation Badges)

Premium Final Reward: 3 Gilda Stars

Vocation Pass

Vocation Pass - Archepass

Basic Rewards

  • Diligence Coins 
  • Bound Elixir Of Vocation (Increases Earned Vocation Badges)
  • Honorable Vocation Potion (Gives Vocation Badges)
  • Bound Labor Recharger
  • Expansion Scrolls

Premium Rewards

  • Spotless Service Uniform
  • Bound Hereafter Stone
  • Bound Crest Brainstorm
  • Bound Blank Canvas
  • Haughty Duelist Costume
  • Bound Classic Jeans

Basic Final Reward: Masquerade Robes Ticket

Premium Final Reward: Vocation Pass Token (Wonderland Title)

Equipment Pass

Equipment Pass - ArchePass

Basic Rewards 

  • Diligence Coins
  • Bound Elixir Of Hunt (Increases Loot Drop Rate)
  • Honorable Victory Rank Potion (Gives Honor Points)
  • Bound Labor Recharger 
  • Bound Resplendent Lunar Temper 
  • Mysterious Hiram Infusion (Green)

Premium Rewards 

  • Classic Service Uniform
  • Bound Hereafter Stone
  • Bound Crest Brainstorm
  • Immortal Guardian’s Robes
  • Bound Glitter ‘N Gold Topper
  • Bound Breezy Flip-Flops

Basic Final Reward: Unwrap Forest Fairy

Premium Final Reward: Equipment Pass Token (Verdant Singer Title)

Combat Pass Rewards

Basic Rewards

  • Diligence Coins
  • Bound Elixir Of Honor (Increases Honor Point Drop)
  • Kryios Badge (Arena Reward)
  • Bound Labor Recharger

Premium Rewards

  • Prim Service Uniform
  • Bound Hereafter Stone
  • Bound Crest Brainstorm
  • Bound White Crest T-Shirt
  • Black Sands Costume
  • Dance: Cossack

Basic Final Reward: Wrapped Gargoyle Guardian Wings 

Premium Final Reward: Combat Pass Token (Eye Candy Title)


How do I change my Archepass to a different reward track?

Open the Archepass HUD, and find the [Register/Change] button to the top right. Select the path you wish to switch to on the left side pass list. Once your desired pass is selected, click the register button at the bottom. If this is the first time you register the pass, you will be prompted to pay 5 gold. Once the pass is unlocked you can switch between the different passes. Progress for each pass is separate from each other. You will only gain progress for the active Archepass.  

How do I upgrade my Archepass to premium?

Purchase the Premium Upgrade Ticket from the Marketplace for XXX credits. The Basic Pass Premium Upgrade is the only premium upgrade that can be purchased for 10 gold. The rest require credits. Once you have the premium ticket in your inventory, open the Archepass HUD, activate the pass you want to make a premium pass. Once the desired pass is activated, press the Premium button on the bottom center of the Archepass main HUD, accept the activation, and the pass will be upgraded.

What is an Archepass?

The Archepass is a new system that rewards utility items and other various rewards and cosmetics created for the new Archeage Unchained version of Archeage.

How do I level the Archepass? 

Each mission rewards 1,500 Archepass points. Currently, it takes 3,000 points to gain one level the Basic Pass. All the other passes only require 1,268 points to gain one level. That translates to two missions for 1 level of the Basic Pass, and 1 mission per level for the Vocation, Equipment, and Combat Passes.


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