The Dark Heart of Skyrim Elder Scrolls Online New Year of Content 2020

Unveiled early January, Elder Scrolls Online announced the new year of content. This content will be dropped to the ESO community in 4 installments, one for each quarter of 2020. As tradition, each content release will be separate purchases. Unless you have ESO Plus, in which case, only the Chapter will require purchasing.  

In totality we can expect; roughly 30 playable hours of new content (this includes the main story and side stories), a couple of public dungeons, delves, harrow storms (new world event), and a new 12 player trial (Kyne’s Aegis).

This translates to “Dungeon DLC, The Chapter, and The Story”. This is a summed quote from The Dark Heart of Skyrim official announcement stream, you can watch the announcement through that link via YouTube. It certainly creates a lot of hype, I know I’m excited for all the new updates.

In addition to The Dark Heart of Skyrim content, ESO is getting an optimization overhaul; compressing the game files as a whole, making downloading new updates faster and easier than ever before. Unfortunately, this means everyone will have to completely re-download the game.

As an incentive for redownloading the game, everyone who re-downloads within a time frame (at the time of writing this, there is no set date) players who log in will receive a Crimson Torch Bug Pack. This was announced during the “after-party” of the previously mentioned announcement stream.

The Harrowstorm DLC

Quarter 1 March 2020

This first installment of The Dark Heart of Skyrim offers two new dungeons that reveal the first taste of the story to come. For those who have an ESO Plus Membership, this content will be free for you to explore. Those without Plus will have to purchase the DLC in the Crown Store.

For more information on what Harrowstorm DLC is all about, visit our Harrowstorm DLC article.

The Greymoor Chapter

Quarter 2 June 2020

The Western Skyrim is finally making its way into Tamriel. Venture through iconic cities, 1000 years before the events of Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Travel below and into the shadows unlocking the secrets of Blackreach.

This year’s chapter focuses heavily on vampires. Dive into the history of an ancient Vampire Lord, and unlock the new and improved Vampire Skill line.  

For more information on what the Greymoor Chapter has to offer, visit our Greymoor article.

DLC Quarter 3 August 2020 (TBA)

We will update as information becomes available.

DLC Quarter 4 November 2020 (TBA)

We will update as information becomes available.


Alongside the Greymoor update, players are getting a brand-new mini-game system. A new system of treasure hunting! This can be unlocked only with the Greymoor chapter; speak with the Antiquarian Circle in the city of Solitude. Speaking with this group unlocks the skill lines and mini-games enabling the player to travel around to unlock/find/hunt down old relics.

Rewards include everything from collectible items that can be displayed in your home, to unique gear pieces that offer unique perks while wearing them. In addition, each item will unveil some history for us lore nerds. There is a little something for all player types to be excited about.

The Antiquities system is something that will take you through all of Tamriel, not just the new content, and will be implemented for years to come. Projecting that all new content updates will include new antiques/relics/collectibles to hunt down.


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