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The Fastest Way to Become Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves

To become a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves you will need to reach level 50 in any three of the five alliance companies in SOT adventure mode.

We have discovered the best way to quickly level in Sea of Thieves.

…this process is slightly tedious, but you’ll level much faster with boosted experience.

The Scoop: The trick is to raise any of the Emissary flags and turn in loot to the merchants you are trying to level. Keep reading below for the full details on how to do this and some additional SOT leveling tips.

The Ships of Fortune update released a wide range of new content, new outfits, cats, secret quests, and most importantly, the Alliance Emissary flags. Emissary Flags are unlocked for an alliance when you reach level 15 in that particular alliance. Once you reach level 15, you will be able to purchase an Emissary Flag from the alliance merchant. The alliance merchant is the merchant where you purchase quests and turn in loot. There are benefits for raising the Emissary flags while questing, but for now, we are going to focus solely on turning in loot.

Steps for How to Raise an Emissary Flag in Sea of Thieves

  1. First, pick an alliance and reach level 15 (they can all be earned simultaneously)
  2. At level 15, an option to purchase an Emissary flag for 20,000 gold will unlock
  3. Purchase the flag (each flag is unique to each alliance)
  4. Flags are a singular purchase and can be used infinite times
  5. Find the Emissary table and place down the flag (information on this below)
  6. Emissary tables are right next to their respective alliances (photos below)
  7. Placing a flag is similar to placing a quest, majority of your crew will have to vote to accept the flag (same goes for lowering the flag)

How to use Emissary flags to reach Pirate Legend faster in Sea of Thieves

When the alliance flag is raised more experience is rewarded for loot turned into the correlating merchant. For example, raising the Order of Souls Emissary flag provides more experience when turning in skulls to the Order of Souls merchant (the gypsy witch in the purple tent).

We recommend raising the Emissary flag for each category of loot to earn maximum experience for each alliance. To break it down a bit, every time you turn in loot, take the time to first raise the correlating flag. You will have to lower the current flag raised in order to raise another one so you will want to organize your loot into the different alliance categories so as to not waste any additional time. This process can be done quickly so long as your team is organized, your loot is organized, and you have knowledge of what loot goes to which merchant.  

Below we are going to briefly discuss each alliance, what type of loot they collect, where each of the merchants can be found on any given outpost, as well as where their Emissary table is located in relation to those merchants.

Gold Hoarders

gold hoarders emissary table location

The Gold Hoarders merchant is a little, greedy, man inside a green tent with gold trimmings. The tent is generally somewhere out front of the Tavern, and usually in a center point between the other structures. This little, gold cursed man, likes to collect treasure chests, trinkets, goblets, and gems as well as provide quests that lead you to dig up such items.

The Gold Hoarders Emissary table where the flag is raised (and lowered) can be found to either the right or left of the green tent, very close to the merchant.

Order of Souls

order of souls emissary table location

The Order of Souls merchant is a gypsy witch, located inside a purple tent build within a wooden structure. Her purple canopy is distended out of the structure it is built beneath. She is never placed far from the gold hoarder tent. This magical gypsy gives pirates quests to hunt down skeleton lords to collect skulls of all varieties. She also accepts gems, but she prefers skulls.

The Order of Souls Emissary table where the flags are raised can be found inside her tent across from her. So, when you run into the tent look to the right or left of the entrance.

The Merchant Alliance

merchant alliance emissary table location

The Merchant Alliance is a sophisticated merchant who resides on the docks often next to or across from the ship skin merchant. The alliance quests focus on trading and collecting goods such as gems, livestock, bottles, silks, bone dust, powder kegs, and crates.

The Merchant Alliance Emissary table where the flag can be raised and lowered is directly in front of the merchant’s location on the dock.

Reaper’s Bones Alliance

reapers bones emissary table location

The alliance for pirates is finally here, the Reaper’s Bones Alliance resides on Reaper’s Hideout and accepts ALL types of treasure. You have to purchase the flag from the merchant inside the bone hideout, but once purchased, the flag can be raised and lowered from any outpost.

The Reaper’s Bones Emissary table on traditional outposts is generally located just outside of the current layouts. They are not right next to all the other alliance merchants, but still next to the bubble of structures. Easily identifiable with an audible skeleton hanging above it. This skeleton is animated, follow his voice grunts and you will find the table. Unfortunately, nothing can be turned into this table. Its sole purpose is for raising and lowering flags. If you kill a ship and collect the Reaper’s Emissary flag, you will have to take it to Reaper’s Hideout to redeem rewards.  

The Hunters Call Alliance

Unfortunately, you cannot represent the Hunters Call with an Emissary flag. The Hunters Call merchants accept fish and cooked food. Currently, these merchants do not give out quests. This alliance can be leveled to 50 for credit toward Pirate Legend, but we don’t think it’s a good idea if you are trying to get to Pirate Legend quickly.

The Hunters Call merchants are located out on the mini outposts, also known as Seaposts. They are teeny tiny locations that are minimal docks built upon rocks.


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